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How To Accelerate Your Interior Design Business Success

Updated on March 29, 2015

Do you want the "Easy" button?

How to Accelerate Your Interior Design Business Success
How to Accelerate Your Interior Design Business Success | Source

10 Tips to Accelerate Your Interior Design Business Success

We can now forget about 2008 - 2011. Those were the years that the real winners emerged in spite of the economy. We saw many interior designers close their doors and leave the businesses they took so long to build, and yet, there were a few shining examples of excellence.

Why are some designers swamped today? What are they doing differently? What can you do differently?

I'll share 10 Tips to Accelerate Your Interior Design Business Success although I could write 100.

1. Think. Think about what worked for you in the past and also what doesn't work now. Where did you get the biggest return on investment for your time during the last few years?

2. Create a plan for growing your business centered around your differences and strengths. Your plan must include dates, measurable activities and be rooted in your values and expertise. Don't forget your budgets! If you need help with budgeting, I've createdinterior design business spreadsheets with scenarios complete with formulas for you in our Strategic Business Transformation and 12-Month Roadmap to Financial Success courses.

3. Automate. If you don't have software like My Emma, Constant Contact, AWeber, Send Pepper or Office Auto-Pilot, then do add that ASAP. You need to collect the names of prospects and develop a relationship by sending an email newsletter. Try Studio Webware software to run your back office accounting. It is cloud-based, so you can access it from your smart phone and create proposals and email invoices and purchase orders on the fly...or on the beach.

4. Nichify. I don't think it's a word, but it should be. Focus on a narrow niche you love. Get known for that. It doesn't mean you have to do just that, but the more you can focus and develop expertise, the more money you will make. Yes, it's counter-intuitive, but true. Just think about neurosurgeons vs. family practioners...they make 265% more money because they are specialists.

5. Strategic Visibility. Become the go-to expert in your community. Develop a marketing and PR plan to get recognized by the media both online and offline. Focus on the highest leverage activities like public speaking, radio, TV, articles online and offline, community activity. Get out there and get known! PR both online and offline can be affordable. Add it as soon as you can. Make sure your press releases are SEO optimized. (keywords inserted so the search engines like Google can find you)

6. Outsource. If you're working alone, get help ASAP. Stop doing "expense" work in your business - accounting, administration and filing. Grow your business with a team who specializes in the things that don't make you money.

7. Social Media. Yes, it's time consuming. Who says you have to do all of it. Most of the time is in the set-up. Make sure your website has a blog attached with Search Engine Optimization with your city and the word interior designer and your firm name in the URL. (Outsource writing of blog posts and social media work and especially, SEO). Create a Facebook fan page for your business, LinkedIn profile and a Twitter Account. And, if you're really serious, set up a YouTube channel. Link everything together and post on a regular basis.

8. Joint Ventures. Start looking for businesses that are in allied services and cross-pollinate. Create your own marketing group and advertise or market together. Do seminars, teleseminars and webinars together and invite the media.

9. Syndicate. This is a complex strategy, and you do need someone to manage this for you. You can post your videos, articles, etc. on multiple sites and build links back to your website. Backlinks drive traffic. Post or comment on sites that have high page ranks. Create a web real estate strategy to dominate your market.

10. Create a New A-Game. Revise your website, revise your branding at least every three years, get new pictures, create a DVD and Video for your business. Upgrade your personal brand. Take classes to improve your skills and strengths and outsource the rest.

Take charge of your year, get jazzed and build a business you love!


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