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How To Arrange a Remarkable Backyard

Updated on March 2, 2010

Amazing Backyard

Photo by blentley

What makes a backyard remarkable? Does it mean it should be huge or it should have the most expensive fence, most luxury benches and the greenest grass?  I don't think so. The most important for a great garden is to be made with taste and to combine the main garden furnishings nicely.

I'm unable to give you a recipe for success. But I can suggest you how to plan and arrange the most important elements so you can have the greatest backyard in your neigborhood. 

The plants and the grass

A garden without plans is a dead garden. Sure, such can also be remarkable but not in the way you would want. Your amazing garden should be green. It's easy to make it green by placing grass everywhere but that's boring. The best gardens combine grass, flowers, trees, bushes and sometimes even vegetable gardens. 

Know which plants live together with other ones. Consider mixing evergreen with seasonal ones. Be creative. Learn more about gardening

The pathways

Garden pathways are very important for several reasons. They are not only forming the design and splitting the backyard in parts but they should also be able to get you safely and cleanely in every piece of it. There are many kinds of pathways - from concrete and stone ones to pathways made of dry twigs. It's a common practice not to mix different types of pathways in the garden. If you decide to break this rule and have good taste you can achieve great success. Otherwise you'd better stick to the rule.

See some beautiful garden pathways

The fence

Every garden needs a fence. Some fences will not only mark where the boundaries of your garden are but they will also hide it from other people's eyes. Think twice before choosing such a fence - what's the point of having a remarkable backyard if no one is going to see it?

From the hundreds of types of garden fences chose one that either matches the garden style or completely stands out - for example wooden fences suit great to natural gardens. But sometimes old-style stone fence can look great around a modern "glass and chrome"-styled backyard.

For garden fence ideas check here

The benches

A great backyard needs places where to sit and enjoy it. Few chairs can do this but it's much better to use garden benches. They can be placed around paths, at a patio or under the trees and can give a lovely outfit to the garden. Benches can be made of all kind of materials - wood, metal, plastic, conrete, and can have hundreds of different designs. 

It's not an easy task to chose and arrange them around all the other stuff. It's a good idea to learn more about the types of garden benches

The kids

No, you don't need to "install" the kids in your garden *grin*. But you do need to think about them and their needs. The most remarkable backyards include playground areas for the kids. If your garden is large enough you can even add a small basketball court but in most cases the best choice for a family garden are the playsets and swing sets. 

Often you can build some of the equipment for children. Even if you build just a tree swing your kids will be happy and your garden will look great. 


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