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Things You Need To Build A Cool Backyard Fish Pond

Updated on April 23, 2017

Are you planning to build a backyard fish pond?

Almost everybody would want to have a cool backyard fish pond. It creates a stunning visual for your home and provides a sense of tranquility. In a good way, you get to show off your own magnificent piece of hand-built nature.

There are a few things that you would need to build a fish pond. This know-how and tools which you need to have are vital to be able to complete the fish pond construction.

location with a good natural surrounding
location with a good natural surrounding | Source

Where Do Want Your Fish Pond To Be Built?

The location is key. You can't just build your pond anywhere. It needs to be strategically build to able to blend into the natural environment of your home. That would be the most ideal. So take some time to look for the best location before you even start building one.

Considers factors such as if you want your pond to be exposed to excessive sunlight or do you want a more shaded place.

If the place that you have in mind to build that pond is prone to get dirty easily then you might want to find a better place.

Get A Marker

Once you have determined your location. here come the exciting part and the hardest part where you will start the design of your pond.

You will need to something to help you mark out the skeletal design of your pond. The most common and cheapest alternative would be to use a normal garden hose which you can just trace the design that you like to have.

You will also need a permanent marker like a colored spray to trace the skeletal shape once you are satisfied with the design.

Need Some Help With Pond Design Ideas?

this is how a pond liner look like
this is how a pond liner look like | Source

Having The Right Pond Liners

Next is to make sure that you have pond liners ready. You cannot avoid from not using pond liners. These liners are important to keep water from escaping the pond and also keeps outside dirt from entering into the pond. It's a vital hygiene factor which you need to pay close intention to.

Pond liners made from rubber or PVC liners (polyvinyl chloride) are the best because they are thick and lasts longer.

Pond liner size know how

Having the best pond liner is not good enough. You need some basic knowledge on how to measure the right size which you need. Else you may end up liners which are either too short or too long to cover the entire size of your pond.

Here is a simple yet effective example on how you can measure the size of the pond liner which you need.

If you are looking at a pond size that is 10 foot long by 5 foot wide by 2 foot deep you would need;
10 + (2*2) +(2) by 5+(2*2)+(2)
= 10 + (4)+(2) by 5+(4)+(2)
= 16’ by 11’
This will be enough to make the pond edge of this size above the water level.

This is how layers in a pond looks like
This is how layers in a pond looks like | Source

Digging Your Pond

Now that you’ve decided on the location, the type of your fish pond and the size of pond liners that you need, it is time to start digging. You would need a good durable shovel for this purpose.

Sometimes, you may need to pull out stones and roots with your hand, therefore you should also keep a gardening glove handy.

This is how a pond liner is applied
This is how a pond liner is applied | Source
the trenche is filled with gravel
the trenche is filled with gravel | Source

Beautiful Rocks and Gravels

You will most definitely have to create edges of the pond by making a trench and PVC liner on top of it. In order to cover the liner and make the trench more solid, you need to cover it up with rocks and gravel.

Use different sizes and colors of gravel to ensure it covers as much space as possible. You should cover it until the PVC liner is no longer visible. You can get gravels from the beach or from any hardware shops.

Besides creating an attractive look to the pond, the rocks, and gravel create a live environment for beneficial bacteria to grow on and preventing water stagnation in the pond.

Plants and Water Pump

When it is time to fill your pond with water, make sure you have some plants and also the water pump which you will be fixing into the pond.

Planting plants into the gravel beautify the pond and create a natural habitat for bacteria and pond based insects which are good for the environment.

The water pump is used to supply oxygen into the pond and also creates good water circulation. To be able to use utilize the effect the pump better, place it in the middle of the pond.If the pressure of your pump is too high then you can add a fountain to bring it down.

Beautiful Fishes

Finally, it's time to add the icing to the cake. Adding fish the pond which you have built is something you will be looking forward to.

You should a type of fish at an interval rate. Let the fish adjust to the new place for a week before adding a different type of fish. By doing this you will also allow natural bacteria to flourish because the bacteria will have time to filter the waste of fishes and their food.

Add color to your pond by choosing fish that are colorful and lively. Gobi, guppy, and shubunkin are great outdoor pond fish choices due to their activeness and color.

Final Thoughts

Building a backyard fish pond does not have to be that complicated if you have the right essential items and the know-how which have been discussed here. It makes your job easier and you will have everything you need to make sure that your construction is completed smoothly.

All you need now is the desire, the time and the willpower to create a beautiful oasis right at the back of your home.


Have you build a fish pond before?

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