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How To Build A Shed

Updated on April 19, 2017

Having a garden shed is something many of us want. The sheds can be beautiful addition to your landscape and can help you store many things that otherwise will take valuable space in your house. One beautiful shed goes beyond storage - you canuse it as a green office or a summer guest house.

The well created garden sheds raise the value of your property. It makes it look more finished, more luxury and maybe just cutier.

These are probably the reasons why many people buy sheds for their gardens. But there is also another category of garden owners - those who build their sheds themselves.

Why Would You Want To Build A Shed Yourself

Different people have different likes. Probably the most popular reasons to build a shed yourself are:

  • To save costs. Building a shed on your own can save 50% or more of the price - of course only if you don't calculate your time as an expense.
  • To get exactly the shed you want. The variety of ready sheds is not as big. You have a lot more options if you decide to buy only plans and build yourself
  • Because it's exciting. The fulfilment of something you have done yourself is much higher. Everyone can buy a shed, but only few are skilful and passionate enough to built.
  • To gain experience in do it yourself projects. Building a shed is a moderately complex project. It's a good training step if you plan to build more complex things later.

You may have even more reasons to build your shed yourself - it's OK. Since each of three outdoor storage sheds is self-built, you'll find all kind of motives that drove different people into this decision.

Decide On The Shed Type

Before taking the first steps in building, decide what type of shed you want to build. Is it going to be big or small? What material will fit best the purpose of your shed? Is it going to tall and narrow or wide?

There are several popular models of sheds available on the market - like for example the arrow sheds. You may want to look at them and see if something sounds compelling.

Pay special attention to the material that will be used - there is huge diference in functionality and price of steel, timber and vinyl sheds. Check the resources at the end of this hub to learn more about the material differences.

Find Shed Plans

Once you have a rough idea what kind of shed you are going to build, it's time to search online for good shed plans. Have a look at some plans here just as an example. Carefully research online for sites that offer plans for instant download. Be prepared to pay between ten and fifty bucks for good plans.

Of course you can design and draw the plans for your shed yourself, but that's not recommended unless you have enough experience and knowledge on architecture. The saving would be too small and the risks to get some numbers wrong is too high.

Avoid free plans as they usually have veyr low quality. Better pay few bucks but know what you pay for.

Also, try to purchase from stores that offer money back guarantee. If they know they provide quality plans they should not be worried about people asking for their money back.

Start Building

Once received the plans, print them out, prepare your tools, plan your schedule and start the building. It's best if you can arrange a friend or family member to help you - two people can build a shed three times faster and easier than one.

The first and most important part of the shed building is creating the foundation. Pay special attention to it and don't rush it. If your foundation is bad, nothing else will matter - your shed can get broken in just one year.

Read more about how to build a shed on - it's not a simple work, so don't expect just to guess the right way by intuition.


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