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How To Buy a Cordless Drill

Updated on February 26, 2013

A modern cordless drill with bits


An Introduction

Cordless drills are convenient when you need to bore holes in tight places or places where there is no electrical outlet. As most tool purchases, the cost is a factor. But apart from that, there are a few more important factors you must consider.

The two most important are power and ergonomics.

We will discuss the details of both features and more in this Hubpages guide.


Feature 1: Power

How much power do you need ?

For simple jobs like creating holes in soft woods, a 9.6 V cordless drill should do the job. But if you're involved in heavy duty jobs and you need to use your power tool for an extended period of time, consider ones with at least 12 V of power.

The good thing is, it's not difficult to find a powerful cordless drill in the market. In fact, newer cordless drills now packs 18 V worth of power in their motor. And they are becoming increasingly common and cheaper to buy.

Rule of thumb: Higher voltage rating means more power.

Feature 2: Torque & Speed

Torque is how strong the twisting action will be.

As such, the higher the speed of your drill, the less torque will it deliver. Confused ? Don't be.

Think of someone who speaks non stop. He blurts tons of words but there's not much substance to it. But someone who speaks a little but only speaks when necessary, delivers more substance (or torque in our case).

Some drills come with 2 speed -- slow ones great at starting the screw slowly, and the higher speed for drawing it into the wall/wood.

Feature 3: Drill Styles

There 2 popular drill styles.

One is the T drill - a drill with protruding back. It is usually smaller and easier to use in tight spaces.

The other is pistol like drill -- which as the name suggests looks like an extra large pistol. It is front heavy and allows more stable drilling. This is among the most popular ones in the market today.

Feature 4: Ergonomics

While they might look the same, they don't perform similarly in your hands.

Some could be too heavy, too big for you to handle. Others are as light as a pencil box and do not feel sturdy enough for heavy duty jobs.

Before you buy one, go to your nearest mall or home improvement centre and get a hold of your chosen drills. Test several for the best controls, weight and convenience of use.

But when it comes to buying, go online for better deals.

Video Explaination

Recommended Cordless Drill: Makita 18 V

Made by a Japanese company, this 18V Makita LXT 211 is powerful enough to do most drilling jobs for your home.

It is also of of the top selling drills in Amazon and receives glowing praises from user from all over the world for its reliability, features and power.

A Makita Drill in Action


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