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How To Charge For House Cleaning Services

Updated on May 23, 2013

Estimating What To Charge For House Cleaning Services

You have your business set up, you've bought your supplies, you have your employees set up, now the question is what do you charge for your house cleaning services?

Things to Consider When Deciding What To Charge

  • first you need to know the size of the home( square feet, how many bedrooms, bathrooms etc...
  • frequency of cleaning (weekly, bimonthly, one time,)
  • number of people living in the home ( children, pets, etc..)
  • time it will take to clean the home (you can observe this when you do a in home consultation)
  • special needs or requirements needed by the home owner
  • whether you want to charge by the hour or by the job

How to Find Out what Your Hourly Rate Will Be

  • call around to different house cleaning services in the area to see what their hourly rates are.
  • then compare the rates and figure out how much you will need to make per hour, include 30% of supplies, 30% profit 18% for your payroll taxes, 20% for your business insurance and workman's comp, etc... this is just an example you can play with the numbers to come up with your hourly rate, try to stay in the middle of your competitors.

How To Charge By The Job

Charging by the job means charging a flat fee for house cleaning services. This method allows you to know exactly how much you will make on each and every job you do. This method can be tricky because sometimes you may estimate the job to take 5 hours and it ends up taking you more or less time to finish the job. Sometimes when the job is finished early the client sometimes will feel they are being short changed my paying a higher fee and you finish early. Be careful with this method. Always go and see the job before you give the client a estimate so you don't end up with any surprises.

If you are just starting out with your cleaning services business I would suggest you don't charge to low of a rate, new businesses often do this to get jobs, but in my experiences you end up losing in the end because you are not being paid what the job is worth so therefore you make less of a profit.

Once you get the hang of it and you have figured out how much you want to charge start marketing your business daily. Classified ads, online directories, fliers, direct marketing, etc... to get your house cleaning service off to a good start!


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