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How To Cheaply Build A Raised Garden Bed

Updated on April 29, 2016

Why You Should Build A Raised Garden Bed

Over the past few days I have been building a few raised garden beds for a few reasons. The first reason is that we have two cats and one dog and the garden seems to have become a big playground/toilet for them. Hopefully by raising it this should keep the dog out of the garden and to keep the cats out i plan to lay some meshing or something like that over top of the raised beds while the plants are still small. Another reason I have built these raised garden beds is so there isn't so much bending over to weed/harvest plants from your garden I think it will be a lot more manageable. I am also hoping that there will b a lot less weeds but we will have to wait and see. I have always liked the look of raised garden beds also I think they make your backyard look a lot nicer.

How much does it cost to build a raised garden bed?

Is it expensive to build a raised garden bed? How much does the top soil cost? Well it didn't cost me much at all as a week or so before hand we just took down a gate so I used the wood from this. Have a look around your yard to see if you can find the materials there before you go out and purchase the wood at the hardware store. The top soil wasn't as much as expected it cost about $20 NZD which is probably around 15 USD we did also add some compost from our compost heap which helped to fill it up. So all up this project cost around 20 dollars.

Building Your Raised Vegetable Garden

So now that you have all of the materials which you require it is time to put the raised garden beds together. It is very simple to do. This past week I have made 2 raised garden's the first garden I put the posts into the ground and the second garden I did not. Just small posts to hold the palings together but they do not go into the ground. I would probably recommend the 2nd way as it was a lot quicker and it is not like they are going to move when they are filled with top soil. Also if you ever decided that you wanted to move them than it would be a lot easier. So to build them the first step is to cut all of your posts to the same length(long enough so that you palings fit). For the first garden bed that I made I bolted the side palings onto the posts and then for the ends i just nailed the palings on. For the second garden that I made I just ended up nailing the palings to the posts and this worked fine and it saved a lot of time. They don't have to be that strong it's not as if you are building a house or something. The pictures below are of the 2nd raised garden I made and as you can see the posts are a little above the top of the palings however I am going to leave them like that so that I can lay some mesh across the top to keep the cats out while the plants are still small.

Now To Find A Place To Put Your Raised Vegetable Garden

Now that you have finished building your raised bed it is time to find a place to put it. I put mine in the old vegetable garden but you could clear out a space on your back lawn as well. Try to make it as level as possible where you put it how ever it doesn't need to be perfect. I filled my garden with maybe 25% compost and 75% top soil and it ended up costing about $30 in top soil to fill both and we already had our own compost. Below is a photo of the garden filled with top soil. Stay tuned for more hubs in the future. I will be planting a winter crop soon so I will post on update on how it goes. Hopefully this is helpful for somebody. Thanks

Below I have included a video which I made to show you step by step how to make a raised garden bed.


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