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Memory Foam Mattress Topper - You Should Know This Before You Buy One

Updated on February 7, 2016


Many of us suffer from recurring back problems and require a well-cushioned pad to sleep on. Although there are various options available in both traditional and virtual markets, wide consensus suggests that there is probably no better option than a memory foam mattress topper. This proprietary product offers as much as 3 inches deep visco-elastic memory foam for most of its variations. More generally, they abide with a 100 percent cotton quilt. Our body temperatures keep shifting and this largely means that we require different gradients of temperature and pressure all night. Memory foam mattress toppers attain this feature remarkably and offer sound sleep.

Technique Used By Memory Foam

Memory foam behaves quite opposite to the general mattresses. These toppers do not show resilience in springing back to their normal width when pressure is applied to them. On the contrary, they deform completely and push the pressure evenly through the proximal cells. Moreover, such ability also allows best memory foam mattress topper to stick close to your body shape. You can also use them over those mattresses which are smart pieces themselves but cause recurrent back pains due to their excessive firmness.

What To Look For While Buying Memory Foam Mattress Topper

At first, you should look for the pad dimensions. Most companies abide to the conventional format of preparing pads about a couple of inches shorter then your existing mattress. This implies that for a queen size mattress of 60x80, the pad dimension is roughly 58x78. However, this convention may need to be changed and while selecting your piece, you would better look for those mattresses which cover your preexisting mattress up till the absolute edge. As an addition, look for a machine washable cover to it. Most of the times, you can buy them with smart rebates and arbitrage discounts. Another thing to search for is above-optimal density. About 4 lb density is considered just about perfect.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Memory Foam Mattress Topper | Source

Solves Concerns Of Ergonomics Perfectly

Ergonomics is a science which talks about sticking to the natural posture of body. This has made ergonomics much talked about in office spaces. Just as we require ergonomic office chairs and desks, we also require pads and cushions that aid our natural posture. Memory foam mattress topper does not move when you move and this means that it aligns to a body posture which keeps you close to your natural inclination. Quite obviously, apart from providing you sound sleep, it also helps you to maintain long-term health of your spine.

Keeps Uniform Spread Of “Perfect” Temperature And Pressure

It maintains temperature and pressure uniformly over its surface. This means that the density is thoroughly kept homogenous allowing free passage of air throughout the body of mattress (through open cells). By offering perfect contouring, it makes sure that the temperature is just ideal for a good night’s sleep. Testimonials and unbiased reviews suggest that Memory foam mattress toppers create a hollowed turf at a few points whereas stiff areas in other places to offer what different body parts require. To reiterate the point, it also shifts pressure to budget for your weight or movement.

Slats And Hydraulics

Today, people are shifting towards hydraulic beds. It is typical to use 5 slats for your bed when you place a memory foam mattress topper. Most often, the placement of slats is such that you have three in the middle and one at each lateral periphery. The mattresses are very soft and people may suffer from a false notion that they are not hard at the base either. However, it is important to say that these are not meant to be used as a whole mattress. They have to be put over another substratum mattress as an extra layer of padding. In themselves, they are just 2-3 inch thick cushions, but are nothing short of panacea for those who find good sleep rarely.

Memory Foam Pillow
Memory Foam Pillow | Source

Memory Foam Pillows As An Add-On

Although your mattress is integral for comfortable sleep, you also need to pay attention to the kind of pillow you use. After all, lack of comfort under your neck and head region might translate into a sore feeling in the morning. Visco-elastic memory foam contoured pillows are quite flexible and adapt themselves to any shape that you may require of them. A memory foam pillow can be customized according to your need. You may get them prepared for higher heat spread thus offering you more comfort under the head, neck and shoulder area.

Beware Of The Bad Types

Any smart invention gathers its own set of fakes and inferior duplicates with time. Thus, it is important to keep away from the bad types. If you are looking to purchase over the internet, you should only align with those companies that have been commissioned by or affiliated to the Better Business Bureau. If you are purchasing over the brick and mortar institute, you should look for the depth and thickness, contouring, heat spread and patented features exhaustively. Also, you should ask for the warrantees and manufacturing guarantees that come with the product.

You Can Search Them Over The Internet

You can look for them over the internet. Virtual domain has really dawned on us in a big way. This way you can compare a wide repertoire of quotes and also look categorically for your desired piece. Whether you require a fiber-filled piece or latex zoned or a polyester piece, all you have got to do is look extensively over the net. It is ideal to read a few unbiased reviews and testimonials too. These offer you first hand insight into the product and allow you to understand intricate nuances of buying them.

In A Nutshell

These are hectic times and we are living fast-paced lives. As such, it becomes increasingly important to have a good sleep. Disturbed circadian rhythm shifts the biological clock and promotes negative metabolism. Choosing the best memory foam mattress topper will get you much closer to ensuring yourself high quality sleep and will also take care of any long-term adverse effect on your spine in a smart way.


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    • profile image

      Betty Ayles 3 years ago

      What goes on the bed, bottom side the grey part, or the white part?

      I never saw a topper with two colors!!!

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      What size topper would you suggest to start off with and the pros and cos of using a 1,2, 3 or 4 inch topper? Does it depends on the size of the bed?

      If I was to use a 4 inch topper, would it not be better to buy a 8inch memory foam mattress first?