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Our New Fitted Kitchen

Updated on July 17, 2016
This is what we wanted to end up with
This is what we wanted to end up with

What Will You Need?

After living with a fitted kitchen for several years, we moved house to a 3 bedroomes semi. The kitchen in this house was very poor and not up to the standard of our MFI fitted kitchen we had uin our last house. I must point out that we have always had fitted kitchens from MFI as thay offer a friendly service and have helped us choose the best fitted kitchen for our size of room.

Our Units

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SWH2036 H870 x W400 x D570SWH2171 H870 x W935 x D935
SWH2036 H870 x W400 x D570
SWH2036 H870 x W400 x D570
SWH2171 H870 x W935 x D935
SWH2171 H870 x W935 x D935

Choosing The Units

We wanted the fitted kitchen to look good and to make a statement as we always have people round for party's and things. As per usual the party always ends up in the kitchen.

We decided to go for the following units.

What Happened On The Day

In the morning of the installation we cleaned the floor and moved everything out of the kitchen.

The men from the kitchen company called round with 20 or so boxes. After a couple of days we had our loverly fitted kitchen.

Many people have commented on the kitchen and we have always refered them to MFI due to the high standard of workmanship.

Almosy forgot to say, we got 5% cash back on our purchase.

Take a look at our Interior Designer blog

We could not beleive the offer.


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