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How To Choose Outdoor Swing For Your Garden

Updated on April 20, 2017

Did you love outdoor swinging as a kid? Well, most people keep loving it even when they grow up. If you haven't tried for years you might have forgotten what a fun it is. But if you have a backyard and enjoy spending some time in it, you can consider installing a swing set in it.

Identify Yoour Needs

There is no such thing as average household. Every family has its own configuration, habits, preferences and dreams, and even the decision to buy a swing set depends on that. You have little kids you may want to buy a feature rich playset. Families with babies will probably consider a toddler swing while no kids couples may just look at the porch swings or outdoor canopy swings. Of course the adult swing sets are wanted by families with kids too, but the adults usually think about themselves only after they took care for their kids.

Whatever is your situation, clarify your needs and decide what type of swing set you are going to buy. Just picking a random catalog and choosing by watching the pictures isn't the best strategy at all.

Wooden, Plastic or Metal Swing Set?

Once you have figured out where you want a swing for your kids, babies, yourself or for the entire family, you need to make another important decision - about the swing set category. Why is the material so important? Because it determines the price, the life time and the functionality of your outdoor swing.

The  wooden swing sets are most preferred because they look good and allow a lot of features. Usually their main disadvantage is the price which can be 2 or 3 times higher than the price of a similar metal swing.

The metal swing sets are affordable, sustainable and very robust. They look the most like the swing sets from your childhood. Most people think they are very basic, but the truth is there are enough accessories even for steel swings.

The plastic swing sets are a less popular category and usually include only playsets for kids. If you have kids however, the plastic swings can be an excellent choice, because they are easier to install and can be used indoor.

Compare the pros and cons of every type, consider your budget and you can go shopping!

The Location Of The Swing Set

Before making the final decision on the exact swing, plan its location in your garden. It may force you to take specific decisions about the size and the type that you have not planned before.

There are few important things to think about when planning the location:

  • Not too sunny, not too shady. ¬†Swinging in the shadows will be fun only in the hotest days of the year. All other days you and your kids will want to feel some sunlight. So, don't plan the swing set into the darkest area in your garden. On the other hand avoid the places which are never protected by the sunlight (if you have such in your garden).
  • Away from walls, fences and trees. The swing set should be installed in such a way, that in none of the positions of the slide the person on it can hit a wall, tree or fence. Don't forget to consider the human legs and head!
  • Away from fire and wires. Be careful to keep your outdoor swing away from electric wires and fire, for obvious reasons. Be twice more careful if it's a swing set for kids.

Of course you may add some more criteria - like what you want to see while swinging, whether you want to be seen from outside, do you like it to be close to your door etc, etc. Just make sure that you think about the location, measure the dimensions and only after that you can buy the swing set.

Swinging on a swing set is fun, choosing, buying and installing should be fun too. While it takes some planning and there are many things to take into consideration, don't get obsessed or nervous. Just enjoy the entire process and don't worry if you don't make the best choices from the first time. 


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