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How To Choose The Best Pole Saw

Updated on March 22, 2015

The best pole saw can be defined as an elongated yet portable machine used for pruning and tree landscaping. It is made up of a pole with a saw attached on one end. The best pole is made from high quality material that can withstand the weight of the saw and does not bend on exertion of pressure when in use. It comes in sections and its length is adjusted by addition or removal of sections. There are three different kinds of pole saws depending on the energy required to run them. These are: gas-powered saws, electric pole saws and cordless pole saws. The electric pole saws require electricity to function and are attached to an external power supply. The cordless saws run on rechargeable batteries made of Lithium-Ion or Ni-Cad. The gas-powered ones are powerfully built to use up combustible gas in a pack on the saw.

Advantages of using the Pole Saw

  • Adjustability- the cord lengths can be increased or reduced accordingly depending on the height of the branches and your height.
  • Easy manouvre- you can easily walk around the tree while pruning the tree
  • Pole weight- the pole is light and versatile
  • Quality of materials- the pole is made of good quality metals that resist tension and pressure forces. The saw is equally made of steel that is durable.
  • Safety-you do not require to use ladders hence reduced chances of encounter with the dangers of ladder-climbing.

Which Pole Saws are Best suited to you?

There are three different types of pole saws based on how they get powered up. The powering determines several aspects of the overal outlook of the saw. It determines the use, weight, size and price of the machine just to mention a few.

1. Cordles Pole Saws

These are the most convenient pole saws to operate and are not wired to a power outlet. The lithium-ion batteries are typically better than others and run for about an hour. They are useful for small jobs but extra battery packs can boost the working time for large trimming work. In some models, the saw can be detached from the pole allowing further cutting of branches into even smaller pieces.

.:: These are suitable for simple pruning in your yard for few trees and are easy on the pocket.


  • It is comparatively lighter than the gas-powered saw.
  • It is less noisier than the gas-powered saw
  • It is cheaper than the gas-powered and electric saws
  • It is easier to use
  • It is cordless


  • It has a little running time
  • It does not have a lot of power
  • It is heavier than the electric models

2. Electric Pole Saws

The corded poles are easy to maintain and operate. They are light at about 10 pounds. The cord lengths vary but are commonly 100 feet.

.:: It is suitable for maintaining a small yard regularly.


  • It is very light
  • It is less noisier than the Gas-powered saw
  • It ismore powerful than the cordless saw
  • It is easily maintained and operated


  • The distance is limited by the cord
  • It is not as powerful as the gas saw

3. Gas Powered Pole Saws

These are powerful saws equipped with more chains and heavy-duty bars. They are heavier, more pricey and noisier than the afforementioned types.

.:: These types of saws are suitable for professionals.


  • The are the most powerful in terms of performance
  • They work as long as there is gas in the tank
  • They last long when maintained properly
  • They are easy to operate


  • They are heavier than the electric and cordless types
  • They are very noisy
  • They are costly to purchase
  • They are pricey in terms of maintenance

What to consider before buying A Best Pole Saw

There are several factors to consider when buying a pole saw. These factors determine how long the machine will serve you, how well it will do and how you will maintain it.

  • An appropriate pole saw should be able to reach the branches that are to be prunned. It should be able to cut through the branches and make quick and clean cuts.
  • It should have enough power for the kind of work to be done and the right size of blades too.
  • The saw should be light enough to be lifted up to the branches and should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the saw without bending or breaking.
  • The connection between the saw and the pole should be durable to prevent kickbacks from occurring.
  • The energy requirements of the saw should be affordable such that it can be maintained appropriately.
  • A pole saw that meets this criteria should be deemed suitable for use.

The type of energy it uses - This in turn will determine the power of the machine, the size of the blades and the use of the machine.

The brand of the machine - This will determine the quality of the blades, the length of the pole and the price of the pole saw.

Power of Pole Saw

Gas-powered saws - The Husqvarna is arguably the most powerful in its kind. It uses a 2-stroke, 24.5 cc gas engine and a horse power of 1.2 which is rather high. This machine translates to quicker chain speed and faster cutting when compared to others. Cordless saws - The least powerful cordless ones average 18-20 –volts. Electric-powered saws - An example is the Remington RM1015SPS which provides a 1.5 horsepower from 8 amperes. The cordless and electric saws are therefore less powerful.

Height of Pole

The long poles reach maximum extensions at 11 feet with the longest one yet being 13 feet long. They can be re-adjusted to 6 and a half feet long when the trees aren’t very high. The pole reach can be obtained from adding your height to the maximum extension of the pole. It is useful to know the difference between the two when purchasing because the maximum extension is a more useful variant to you than the pole reach.

Weight of Pole Saw

The weight of the poles depend on the company’s preference of material and the length of the pole . With regard to the saws, the battery-operated ones are heavier than the electric ones with cords because of the difference in the weight of the battery. A Black and Decker cordless LPP120 weighs 6.3 pounds. Gas pole saws are heaviest because they have bigger blades and chains for their heavy use. One Husqvarna weighs 16.1 pounds.

The big Size of Branches You Want to Cut

The size of branches to be cut depend on the power of the machine as well as the size of the blades. The cordless saws are useful for gardening since they cut branches of around 6 inches in diameter comfortably while the gas-powered saws can cut through most big branches with bars as long as 12 inches.

Using Protective Clothing in Work

Care should be taken when using these tools as they have sharp blades which could be potential causes of hazards. Safety practices are encouraged as part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) while operating pole saws.

  • A helmet is useful in cases of a kickback and for protection against impact from falling objects.
  • A visor reduces the chances of eye damage by falling chips or sharp twigs.
  • Ear plugs are useful especially when using Gas-operated saws to prevent ear damage.
  • Gloves,boots, pants and jackets made of fabric that can protect one from being cut through by a saw in cases of accidents.
  • A first aid kit and a whistle may be useful in dire situations.


Pole Saws are efficient and economic tools which can be quite useful if you are interested in simple gardening or commercial landscaping. The saws are very advantageous as they are durable and comfortable to use around. They are available in an array of designs, brands, shapes and sizes so you should be able to, without a doubt, find one that suits your individual liking. It is important for you to carefully search for a best pole saw that suits your need. This you can do by identifying the reason for buying one, assessing your lawn or garden and deciding the type of pole saw you would like to have. The Pole Saw is a tool that is a must-have, best for landscapers and landscaping enthusiasts!


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