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How To Choose The Perfect Glass Vase

Updated on March 20, 2011

The Infinite Variety Of Glass Vase

A glass vase is a decorative container used for holding flowers and other floral items, but they are also used to hold perfume or potpourri or for any variety of inventive and imaginative uses in your home's decor. Glass vases come in an abundance of sizes and shapes: They can be funny cube shaped pots, tall, narrow, or timeless cylinder shapes. Over sized glass vases are often used for dramatic fruit or floral displays.

Elegant glass vases are great for displaying flowers but can be a sculptural element on their own as well. Arranging flowers in a vase with colored marbles is also attractive. A glass vase with a stunning arrangement of flowers is a perfect gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion.

You can choose from any style, design, or type of glass vase
You can choose from any style, design, or type of glass vase

A Glass Vase Is The Foundation To A Lovely Floral Display

Coloring agents can be added to a glass vase during the manufacturing process to create countless beautiful shades. Color is an essential element in art and design. Some floral displays can be truly considered magnificent art work. Florists use flowers and plants to bring floral art into everyday life. Floral arts is the act of creating lovely flower arrangements set in bowls, vases, and baskets, or crafting bouquets from fresh cut or artificial flowers, herbs, foliage, and ornamental grasses. A selection of glass vases, pots and pottery are usually available for custom orders.

Other types of vases include porcelain, crystal and ceramic, although glass vases are much more affordable than the real crystal varieties. While a real crystal vase adds class and elegance to a room, a less expensive glass vase will add the same kind of charm and spark.

A Murano glass vase is the ultimate expression of Old World glass craftsmanship
A Murano glass vase is the ultimate expression of Old World glass craftsmanship

A Tasteful Glass Vase Complements Your Home's Decor

There are very few beautiful things in your home that can compare to a gorgeous, quality crafted glass flower vase. You can select from the art glass vase or hand blown glass vase, or go for more basic and traditional designs and styles such as the square glass vase or the tall glass vase which is perfect for holding long stemmed roses. By far the most popular style is the clear glass vase, however, the blue glass vase is very close behind. Although here are some sources which will let you purchase wholesale glass vase buying is usually retail.

A crystal vase simply has to be the most attractive and aesthetically pleasing flower vase available. However, if you truly have a taste for the finer things in life, a Murano vase is the one for you: a total work of glass art especially handcrafted in one of the islands in the Venetian lagoon in time honored methods which have not essentially changed in centuries.

There is no limit to the design of the perfect glass vase
There is no limit to the design of the perfect glass vase

A Glass Vase Cannot Be Used In A Cemetery

Glass vases are not tolerated on grave sites as they can easily be knocked over and broken. Only plastic or metal vases are allowed. Vases that are supplied by the cemetery are usually not permitted to be removed from the property.

The Traditional Murano Glass Vase Technique


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