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How To Choose a Safe White Changing Table

Updated on June 29, 2011

What to Check Before You Buy A Changing Table

There are several things parents think about when they come to furnish their new born nursery room, but the safety of the changing table is usually not one of them. Unfortunately not to many people know that there are over 200 babies injured a year falling from the changing tables across the nation.

Many of these accidents end up as fatal accidents because when a baby falls off the changing tables, their head is heavier than their body, so the miserables fall head first off the changing dressers.

There are several things to known, and some tips to follow, before and after you buy a changing table for your new babies room. these tips where collected across the web from numerous websites to add to the most comprehensive list of "do and do not" with changing tables.

So before you buy a white changing table for babies read this list first.

#1 Make sure that the baby furniture has all the appropriate certifications for safety and ecological (green) matters. Even if you buy a cheap changing table, check that they are meeting this safety guidelines.

#2 Make sure there is a railing border around the changing top. It is best that there would be 4 safety border railings from all sides, but having 3 border rails are fine too, as long as the parent stands at the side where the railing is missing.

#3 Make sure there are safety straps available for the changing table. If there are no straps make sure the mattress has straps. If non of them has straps, do not buy the baby furniture.

#4 Make sure the mattress has a no slide cloth or some kind of no-slide grid at the changing top. A baby can slide off while strapped, if the mattress slides off easily.

#5 make sure you never leave a baby unattended at the changing table, whether strapped or unstrapped! Not for a millisecond. That Milli second is where most accidents occur.

#6 To avoid leaving the baby unattended, make sure you have all what you need close at hand. If you run out of wipes and there is no spare wipes close by, you might mistakable step aside to bring the wipes and return to find the baby on the floor!

#7 make sure you buy changing tables which have possibilities to be fixed to the wall. Furniture that tip off are dangerous. if you have other children at the house, they might climb to see the baby and cause the whole furniture to tip over!

#8 All doors and cabinets need to have a safe slide drawers, otherwise the baby hands and fingers might someday be slammed by accident. Today most changing dressers have the 'safe slide' shelves and doors.

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