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How To Clean Glass Fireplace Doors

Updated on July 31, 2012
Glass fireplace doors offer safety and security to home fireplaces
Glass fireplace doors offer safety and security to home fireplaces

A fireplace is a wonderful place to relax in front of once the weather turns cold. Some people love to sit in front of the fireplace with a good book while some view it as the perfect place to cuddle and snuggle with loved ones. The fireplace provides a nice warm and cozy environment in the home. Watching the flames dance about the fireplace through the safety of glass doors is intoxicating.

Glass Fireplace Doors

Glass doors provide protection against hot embers from popping out of the fireplace and onto carpets, furniture, people or pets. After a few fires, the doors become smoke and soot stained, making gazing at the fire difficult and unsightly. Cleaning the glass fireplace doors is can be quite a chore. Using the right cleaner cuts the difficulty out of this dreaded chore and makes cleaning a breeze.

Glass Fireplace Door Cleaner

In a small bucket or spray bottle combine 1 cup of white vinegar, 3 tablespoons household ammonia and ½ cup of water.

Stir the ingredients with a wood stir stick to blend or if you are using a large spray bottle, swirl the ingredients to blend.

Open the fireplace doors – when there is no fire of course.

Lay several layers of newspaper under each door to catch drips.

Submerge a sponge into the cleaning solution and heavily sponge it onto the sooty, smoky doors. If you made your mixture in a spray bottle, spray the doors generously to coat the entire dirty door.

Allow the cleaning mixture to remain on the doors for five to ten minutes.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cleaner.

Spray the doors a second time or wet them with the cleaning mixture and sponge.

Dip a nylon scrubbing pad into cleaning mixture. If you are using a spray bottle thoroughly spray the nylon scrubbing pad until it is saturated.

Scrub the soot and smoke stains with the scrubbing pad, rinsing the nylon scrubber often in plain water.

Wipe the doors with a rag.

If any soot or smoke streaks remain, repeat the process.

Once the soot and smoke stains are gone empty the spray bottle and rinse with plain water.

Mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar in the spray bottle.

Fold up the dirty newspapers and discard them.

Spray the doors with the white vinegar and water or use your favorite glass cleaner.

Wipe the doors with a sheet of crumpled newspaper.

Fireplace Door Cleaning Tips

Clean your glass fireplace doors before the soot and smoke stains build up to the point at which you can no longer enjoy your time by the fire.

Make cleaning the glass fireplace doors a part of your regular cleaning routine.

Burn cleaner woods such as hard woods – oak, maple or birch.

Have your chimney cleaned and inspected yearly to keep it from building up creosote which can lead to an unintended fire. Do not rely on the logs that claim to clean the chimney as they burn.


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