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How To Clean Monitor And Monitor Screens

Updated on October 22, 2011

Computers are used world wide now everywhere around in homes, offices, shops anywhere, so definitely it is needed to be cleaned too. Monitor is the part of computer that is most vulnerable to dirt, marks and hand prints over it.

At least as far as if I concern myself this one thing is what I can not bear at all. I can not ignore those finger prints on my monitor screen while working or even the dust too. There is a problem with monitors that even if not being used regularly they have the tendency to absorb dust or get fingerprints.

Here I would be providing you with the tips as to how you can clean your monitors.

Few General Tips To Be Followed

  • Whenever you decide to clean any of computer components keep one thing in mind that never spray anything directly on it. In this precaution monitors are also added. More over never use a cloth so wet that you fear water running down it because it may this way enter inside the components. There are vents and spaces open in each of computer equipment so water or any spray may easily enter in it. This may cause electric circuits to short.

  • Always turn off the component whatever you are cleaning before you start wiping it off. Let its wire be taken out from socket too, it should be completely unplugged. And whenever you clean any of these be sure that you’ll have to leave it so for a long time so that there is no danger of short circuit if the water had seeped into the component any how.
  • If you clean the screen specially when its turned off, you can see the finger prints and dirt more easily.

Cleaning Different Types Of Monitor Screen

Before you start off with your target to clean your monitor, it is mandatory for you to know that what type of screen you have. You need to figure out that whether your screen have a hard surface or a soft one.

To know if you have hard screen or soft you may know it by touching the screen surface softly. If you touch your screen and it changes its color it means it’s a soft screen. Now when you have recognized what type of screen you have of your monitor you can choose the suitable cleaning method from down here and work over it.

Cleaning LCD Or Soft Screen

  • Never touch or apply pressure with your hand on screen because that is going to leave behind oily stains or may even cause some pixels to be burned out.
  • Don’t use tissues, paper towel or towels for cleaning your screen because that may damage your screen permanently.
  • You can use any soft cloth of cotton to clean your screen. You may find clothes and computer screen cleaners made specially for cleaning monitor screens.

  • You can use a home made solution of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol in a fifty fifty ratio to clean all type of LCD monitor screen or television screens.
  • Don’t spray any cleaner directly to screen, spray it on cloth and than clean your screen.
  • Never use tap water for cleaning, always use distilled water just because tap water usually contain chemicals and salts and will case residual to be left on your screen.
  • Turn your monitor on only when your monitor is completely dry.

Cleaning CRT Monitors or Hard Screens

  • For these hard screens you may use normal glass cleaners but beware if there is some special covering on screen or its anti-glare because than the ammonia used in those cleaners is going to destroy it. For these again using water and alcohol is a better solution. And for these you don’t need to be very careful in touching.
  • You have vents made in your CRT monitors, so you would need to vacuum those in order to remove any of the dust accumulated in these areas. These vents are made to let the heat go out of the monitor so that it doesn’t get too hot.

  • Do not try to open the CRT monitors for cleaning from inside if you don’t have a prior experience because even when you screen is off the picture tube contains high voltage and that is dangerous.

So you have now finally got the solutions as to how you can clean your monitors well, and it’s not just about cleaning the screen. Do clean the sides back and bottom of it properly too. Oh God see your monitor is too dirty, come on get up and clean it first. 


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      hassam 7 years ago from Pakistan


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      theherbivorehippi 7 years ago from Holly, MI

      Ouch..I use papertowels! I won't make this mistake anymore!! I have so many cleaning rags too and I always grab the papertowel roll for some reason! Great hub with valuable information!