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How To Clean and Refresh Your Tile Grout

Updated on May 16, 2014

Tile Grout

If you have tile in your bathroom or kitchen, over time you will notice you can't get the grout line clean anymore. Below are the steps to "How To Clean Tile Grout", the easy way.


Causes For Dirty Grout Lines

How did the tile grout line get so dirty? Generally, bathrooms and kitchens are the worst to keep clean. Just think, these to room have the most amount of liquids flowing on the floors and walls all day long. When juices, coffee, soda, tea, mildew, food, and other materials lay on the tile surface they stain. Even after a regular cleaning with cleaning solutions your grout lines never look the same. Meaning that over time, your grout lines always look dirty even after you have scrub them for hours.

How to Clean Tile Grout Steps

Cleaning Grout Lines Step 1 - Use a grout saw or sandpaper to remove the top surface of the grout.

Cleaning Grout Lines Step 2 - Clear surface with a vacuum and then wipe down with a dry rag.

Cleaning Grout Lines Step 3 - Replace the grout you removed. Buy the same grout color as before for best results. Use a grout float to spread grout mixture over the area you removed grout from. Remember to hold the grout float at the 45 degree angle.

Cleaning Grout Lines Step 4 - Let the grout dry. Then wipe tiles until residue has been removed.

How To Clean Tile Grout

Where These Grout Cleaning Steps Work Best

These grout cleaning steps work for showers, floors, counter-tops, and walls. Give your space a refresh look just by cleaning your tile grout. Tile grout can be found in most home improvement stores like Lowes and Homedepot. So, with a little sweat you too can have clean grout lines once again.

Cleaning Alternatives For Grout Lines

If you grout lines haven't reached the point where you feels replace the grout is necessary, try these alternative cleaning methods.

  1. Wipe the grout lines with a heavy bleach solution
  2. Purchase a cleaning solution designed especially for grout
  3. When a spill occurs make sure to clean the affected area quickly

If you have another ways to clean grout line be sure to listed them in the comment section below.


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