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How To Cool Down Your Room Without A/C

Updated on July 24, 2015
You have to get the air moving!
You have to get the air moving! | Source

You need cross-ventilation. No-brainer right?

I have a one window bedroom and whenever the door is closed, my room seems to be an oven. You could literally bake a casserole in here! While it can be a no-brainer to use cross-ventilation by opening a door, there might be other problems ahead:

  • You don't want bugs getting in your bedroom
  • Even when you open the door, ventilations seems to not work
  • You want privacy and therefore, you prefer your door closed

There are a few solutions to this. Let's start with the first problem!

Open the door? But I don't want bugs in my room!

If you live in wet areas, chances are, you might get a few bugs in your room if you leave the door open. You might be used to it anyway but if you're like me, I prefer my room to be bug free.

Some people say, I can't have it both ways. Either I suffer from the heat when my door is closed or I suffer from a few bugs. Unfortunately, I'm a little too stubborn for some and I say, "I'm going to win this fight!"

My suggestion: Get a mesh screen screen door! You can attach it to the outer part of your door frame. Not only would you get your cross ventilation, but you'd also minimize the chances of letting those critters in your room. Not only can you leave your door wide open now like the gates of heaven, but those bugs aren't getting in!

Also, open all windows and doors!

Even if you open your bedroom door, you also must make it possible for the breeze to circulate through every area of your home. In our two bedroom apartment, I make sure that the main door is open (with the steel screen door closed), the kitchen windows open. It makes for a great wind tunnel! You just have to be creative on this one, as you're the only one who knows how your house is laid out.

Put that mesh on!

Just put this magnetic mesh screen door outside your bedroom door. It may look ugly to you but it'll keep any jiminy crickets out!
Just put this magnetic mesh screen door outside your bedroom door. It may look ugly to you but it'll keep any jiminy crickets out! | Source

Then of course, you need electric fans!

I have to admit–I'm being a little reckless with our electric bill. We currently have 4 fans in our room. We have a floor circular fan, a box fan, an oscillating fan, and a little personal fan. You might say that it's a little excessive but in my defense, my body can't take the heat. Or more importantly, I cannot sleep when the bed is wet from excessive sweating!

So what do we do with the fans?

Well, I have a fan pointing upward; a box fan facing close the door, facing outside; an oscillating fan to move the air; and a little personal fan to make sure I have constant breeze.

Fans are not that expensive nowadays. Sure, if you go online and read the reviews, people might complain about the cheap fans. But from my experience, you just really need to move the air while you have your cross-ventilation working for you.

The ceiling fan is a great friend! Make sure the breeze from the fan is pointing at you to get the cooling effect.

I can't open my door; I need my privacy!

Oh, privacy. Well, do you remember the mesh screen door I told you about? Well, you can tape a thin cloth on the middle of that mesh magnetic door. If you have people walking outside your room, they would really need to bend down just to look at you!

You would still have the top and bottom part of your mesh magnetic screen door to help with cross ventilation. You just have to be creative on hanging that cloth. You can probably stitch it to the mesh, tape it, or my best suggestion would be: Just hang it from the edge of the open door to the door frame. It's almost like a little tent. Yay!

More tips on how to cool down your room!

I would suggest that you stock up on a few bottles of drinking water in your room. You want to stay hydrated to cool your body down. I'm aware that I talked about sweat like it's a bad thing, but when you're up and awake in your room, sweat is actually your friend! It cools you down!

So besides water, what else?

  • Turn off your TV and maybe just read for a while
  • Turn off the lights. They produce heat too!
  • Block the sunlight, especially at noon
  • Let as much cool air as possible at night
  • Place a bucket or a pitcher of ice in front of one of your 4,000 fans!
  • Drink iced refreshing drinks like lemonade and water with cucumber or lemon
  • Take cold showers
  • Reduce heat from the kitchen by not using the oven or the stove. Try cooking at night and store your meals in fridge to be eaten later.
  • Ceiling fans help a lot. Make sure the breeze is pointing at you to give the "chill" or cooloing effect.
  • You can try drying some clothes or towels inside you room!

These kinds of electric fans are usually good. It moves the air well!
These kinds of electric fans are usually good. It moves the air well!

How do you cool down during hot season?

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It helps to turn off gadget and appliances that produce a lot of heat. The key to cooling down the room is to have cross-ventilation and you want to constantly move the air in all possible directions. Stay away from the kitchen and limit the use of stoves and ovens. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Open all windows and indoor doors to keep the air moving!

And that's all! I hope this helps to keep your room cooler during hot days.


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