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A Solution(s) For A Difficult Move

Updated on April 6, 2013

A Solution(s) For Sudden Changes On Moving Day

This situation may happen to a lot of people on moving day. You may have done all you needed to do to set up a quick and simple move. You may have thought out plans well in advanced and accomplished maneuvers in a timely manner. Brainstormed every possible situation that may possibly alter your move and made the necessary adjustments so that your relocation would be successful. Had everything down to t's crossed and i's dotted and unfortunately your plans go awry on the day of the move. How does one accomplish a move on moving day when the movers show up wanting to load your rented truck with your belongings, when a rented truck wasn't specifically mentioned in the details with the moving company and knowing that your move must be done within a day or so?

This solution(s) may not have crossed most people's mind but, it would be beneficial to say a prayer to God, if you haven't before, for guidance, protection for you and your family and to have a successful move. Then ask the movers if they could come back within a few hours, if this is not possible thank them for stopping by then prepare a need-to-do-list and a materials list. The following may be helpful:

  1. A cell phone and/or smart phone.
  2. Extra money.
  3. Credit/Debit Cards.
  4. Auto Club Group Services.
  5. Connections/Personal Address Book.
  6. Get Load/ Unload Helpers.
  7. Moving Truck and Moving Equipment.
  8. GPS or Road Map.
  9. Storage facility near your new home residence (if needed).
  10. Gas.
  11. More time (if possible).
  12. Food and water.
  13. Phone Book.
  14. Last but never the least: helping and caring neighbors.

After you have gathered all the necessary elements call various rental truck companies and compare pricing. Rent a truck with a good customer satisfaction rating with a price that will fit your budget. If you have Internet access look online for ways to load the truck. TIP: If your new place is too small for all your belongings, load the storage items first in the truck then load the storage items last. Check the contents of your truck so that weight is evenly distributed. You will want to unload the storage items first in the storage unit, if needed.Though you may have been acquainted with the original moving company, because of familiarity and maybe even popularity, be sure for your personal information,protection,and your next move, to talk to people that know about different moving companies you may be interested in. Try to look for reviews or testimonials from individuals that have used the company on the company website. Someone once said "You can tell a lot about a church by just looking at their website." I think that maybe it is true for a lot of company websites and organizational websites as well. It would also be a great idea to know the company policy and maybe have it in writing.


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