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How To Create A Daily Schedule

Updated on April 25, 2011


Schedules are a great way for time management. People that do not have daily schedules usually find that they are not taking care of things that they need to get done. They are less organized and confident and tend to have more stress in their daily lives. Some tips on creating schedules are:


1)      Use a notepad, a piece of paper, or a day planner to create your schedule.  You can also type a schedule in computer programs such as Excel, Visual Basic, Outlook, Word, Notepad, etc.

2)      Start out by listing all the tasks you want to accomplish for the day.  Next to the tasks, write down the approximate amount of time you will need to complete.  Some of the tasks might include grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, piano lessons, cleaning etc. Make sure you do not overplan.  Do not write unnecessary tasks that you are not certain that you want to accomplish.

3)      It is a good idea to write down the tasks that need to be completed at specific times first.  You want to get these out of the way because you know when you will need to complete them. Next, write down the other tasks based on the estimated time it will take.

4)      You can also choose to prioritize your schedule by the most important tasks listed first. You can then list the least important tasks at the end.

5)      Adjust you schedule if unexpected things come up. It is a good idea to leave a window of time incase unexpected things come up. Ten minutes or more are  good windows.

6)      Give yourself breaks. Do not overwork yourselves. Allow yourself to relax with periodic breaks after you finish each task.

7)      Try to stick to your schedule and follow your plan. Make sticking to your schedule a habit and try to write a schedule every day.


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