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How To Declutter The House

Updated on April 18, 2013

My Own Personal Decluttering Tips or How To Save Time and Sanity in the Midst of Chaos:

I was reading an article on how to quickly declutter and it actually had some good advice, but it was all pretty much common sense. Common sense doesn't always seem to apply around here, so I decided to write some tips of my own.

1. Turn off Facebook. Turn off Pinterest. Turn off all blogs, e-mail accounts, and coupon sites. As a matter of fact, you should probably just turn the computer off all together. And maybe unplug it.

2. If, like me, you are the one in charge of cleaning and organizing the entire house despite of the mountain of other things you already have to do, then you get to decide what categories to divide things into. My favorites are: Stuff I Refuse to Give Up, Stuff I Need, Crap I Want Them to Have, and Crap I Have to Move Out of the House Slowly So That They Won't Realize It's Gone.

3. Pick all of your husband's ball caps up and throw them into the bottom of the closet or on top of the TV. It does not matter how many times you put them on the shelf or into baskets, he will move them, so just go ahead and dump them in the floor.* And throw all his shoes on top...he doesn't like it when you pair them up.

4. Do not put your husband’s t-shirts and shorts neatly into the armoire. Don't hang anything up. Also, don't color code them. He has an easier time finding things if you just leave them inside out and wad them up on the shelves. Or just leave them lying in a chair.

5. Just throw pots, pans, lids, containers, cups, etc., into the cabinet. It's not a happy home if everything doesn't fall out on top of you when you open the doors. This also applies to the refrigerator. Nothing says "good morning" quite like a cup of pop or juice falling on your feet.

6. When you get your kids clothes out of the dryer (especially if they are older), make sure to wad them up in balls and throw them in their bedroom floors. That's how they are going to end up anyway--no sense in creating extra work.

7. Have a spare room (or two or three) with doors that you can close. Just throw everything in there.

8. If you are short, it is better to have a large mountain of laundry in the floor. This makes it easier to reach into the washing machine.

9. Have everyone leave their shoes by the front door. Inside or out...doesn't matter as long as there is a pile big enough to trip over or keep the door from opening.

10. Invest heavily in plastic boxes and just randomly throw stuff in. Sometimes it's like Christmas when you open one and find things you don't remember having!!!!!!

Remember: If anything in your house is broken, don't fix it. Leave the ripped wallpaper, the unfilled holes and gouges, the falling in ceiling, anything that's rusted, mildewed, stained, unpainted, torn, cracked, or smelly. If your family isn't ashamed and embarrassed by your home, don't get upset. Just don't invite anyone over.

*Disclaimer: These hats do not include the kinds of hats he wears in the winter or his campaign hats for work. And these hats weren't actually on the floor of the bedroom as depicted in this image. They were on the floor of the closet. Well actually, the ones that aren't on random pieces of furniture, in the Hubby's car, or with him (he's on a trip, I guarantee a minimum of three went with him), were on the floor of the closet. But it's dark in there and the pictures don't turn out well. Not that I take pictures in the closet on a regular basis. Because that would be weird. Anyway, I took them out of the closet and dumped them onto the bedroom floor. I sorted them out after I took that picture. I might have considered throwing some of the gross, smelly ones out too...but he would know.

Just a few of the hats...
Just a few of the hats... | Source


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