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DIY Wall Decor for a Nursery on a Budget

Updated on September 24, 2013

My Creation

Nursery Trends: Getting Started

From my experience, the coziest of nurseries are creative, but coordinated. The room should match in the right places, incorporating colors and designs that compliment each other. This doesn't necessarily mean buying matching bedding, curtains, and storage. In fact, I wouldn't recommend this method on a budget. The current trend in nurseries are interesting patterns, leading to a much different feel than the traditional "Winnie the Pooh" themed nursery (though everyone loves Winnie).

This DIY idea allows personal style and favorite colors to shine through. You will only spend about $2 per "wall art" piece, and end up with a very tailored look. You will need

  • 6 sheets of scrapbook paper
  • Three frames from the dollar store (different sizes for a funky look or the same for a traditional look)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • The internet / a printer if drawing isn't your strong point

Scrapbook Paper

My husband chose the theme of our nursery. We surfed the internet, and found a room with beautiful blues, greens, and a soft grey for the walls. We loved the contrast of bright colors with the sophistication of grey. You may look for nursery inspiration on or your favorite search engine.

After you have chosen your colors, visit a craft store (I went to Michael's and was able to purchase one piece of paper for around 75 cents) or look for cheaper options online ( provides great deals if you'd like to wait). In searching for your scrapbook paper, keep an open mind. Remember your nursery colors, but venture away from plain prints. You'll need a mix of about three sheets of patterned paper and three sheets of simple paper for a series of three frames.

Help each other with inspiration!

What nursery trend is your favorite?

See results


Choosing the Design. With this project, you will need to choose a figure outline to go with your nursery. Depending on your theme, this part shouldn't be very difficult. For example, if your nursery is cupcake themed, you could do a series of three pictures. The first being a cupcake, the second a rolling pin, and the third could be an oven.

In my nursery, we don't have a specific theme. With a vintage playful feel, I thought of items that could make the nursery personal. I chose a puppy outline to honor our dog for the first. The second was a sailboat, because my husband is in the Navy. Lastly, I'm not sure why I chose a giraffe, but it seemed appropriate (blame hormones for forever making us do odd things!).

Sketching the Design. Here comes the tougher part. You will need to look up your figure of choice online to sketch on the BACK of the scrapbook paper. It was easy for me to look up "puppy drawing" or "puppy coloring book picture" in my search engine and copy by looking. If drawing is not your strong point, have no fear! It's just as easy to print out the figure from online and trace it onto your paper. But don't start sketching just yet!

After you have chosen your design, you will want to coordinate your paper. Choose a background, and the different paper you would like to use for the design. Keep in mind, you may want to use different paper for different aspects of the project such as a collar, water, ect.


Now, you will cut out the figure. Put this aside, for you will want to aline it properly to the background. To do this, take your background paper and set it on a flat surface. You will want to carefully remove the glass from the picture frame and trace around it. Now cut it out. You've now made it easier to line up your design. Lay out the design on the paper before you glue. Now glue and insert into the picture frame!

At this point, you're done with the first frame! Repeat the process with the other two frames.

A few other helpful tips: I was able to find some really beautiful and sturdy storage bins at Michaels for less than $10. Sometimes shopping around will allow you to find some extraordinary things! If you only shop at traditional stores, you will find the norm. For me, I found the most unique things on, Home Goods, Ross, and Michael's. Adding to that, I didn't look at all in the baby sections. I was able to find these bins with colors matched the colors in the frames, yet it was a different pattern. Small things like this will bring together your nursery without making it too "matchy". Good luck, you'll do great!

In short, here are the instructions!

  1. Choose colors and an overall theme or feel for your nursery.
  2. Choose scrapbook paper with these colors. Three sheets in patterns, and three in plain.
  3. Choose a figure for your wall art
  4. Coordinate different papers for each picture.
  5. Sketch the figure of choice on the back of the scrapbook paper
  6. Cut
  7. Glue
  8. Insert into a picture frame
  9. You're done!

This is my own video for you!


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    • jtrader profile image


      5 years ago

      This is fairly easy to do. Affordable too. Voted up and useful!


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