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How To Deep Clean and Seal a Stone Floor

Updated on October 27, 2014

Getting Started on Stone Floor Cleaning

The first task is to identify what type of stone floor you have

Is it a natural finished stone ?

Is it a polished stone ?

Matt or Gloss Finish

A polished stone would be finely honed and the surface polished to a glass or gloss like appearance

If you have a polished stone you should avoid using any harsh or abrasive cleaning tools or chemicals as the polished surface may get damaged.

Polished Limestone


A naturally finished stone floor would have originally been finished to a Matt appearance.

Natural Limestone


Manually Cleaning Stone Floors

As with all Stone Floor Cleaning whether it be on floors,walls or other surfaces. Certain basics factors are similar. When preparing the ingredients to clean, you should use hot or warm water, an amount of cleaning chemical diluted to the required rate and a cleaning cloth or mop for surface agitation. You may also like to use a grout brush, these can be purchased online or at your local janitorial suppliers. If the floor is heavily soiled, pre-soak with your hot water and chemical taking care not to make it too wet in case it becomes slippery. Ensure that you work in small manageable sections so you can concentrate your effort and get the floor section clean before moving on to the next section.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Limestone Floor Cleaned and Polished
Limestone Floor Cleaned and Polished
Limestone Floor Cleaned and Polished | Source

Sealing a Stone Floor

Once your floor has been cleaned its important to test the level of stain protection it has.

You can do this by pouring a little water on the floor once it has dried. If the water forms beads and sits on the surface without being absorbed by the stone the seal is good and will be sufficient to repeal stains and protect the stone.

If you notice the water quickly absorbs into the stone, the floor will require protection otherwise it will be vulnerable to absorbing contaminates and stains.

Unsealed Slate Floor


Choosing a Stone Floor Sealer

If the floor requires a stone floor sealer you will have some choice as to what type of seal you require. Its important here to note that for natural looking stone it would be best to use an impregnating seal that absorbs into the stone surface. This then forms a barrier just beneath the surface so stains can not penetrate the stone. The other type of sealer is a topical seal,this will sit upon the surface of the stone and form a seal. Most topical sealer will change the overall effect of the floor and leave it enhanced of glossy. These sealers are more commonly used upon slate or quarry tiles.

Slate Floor With Gloss Slate Seal


Top Tips

1) Use hot water, chemical and agitation to remove heavy soiling

2) Work in small sections and change water regularly

3) Test stone to establish if protected from staining

4) Apply suitable sealer for ongoing protection

Caution ! Do not use topical seal on a naturally polish stone

If you have a naturally high polished stone. The shine should be restored through a polishing process not a glossy sealer

Simply Floor Cleaning



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