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How To Determine Your Residential Property's Worth in 5 Easy Steps

Updated on May 30, 2017
A house for investment.
A house for investment.


The property can be a good source of income. One can use it to earn rent or sell it for a high price. It can also be used for obtaining a loan. So it is necessary to find the worth of residential property before you can use for earning income. While there are many models for calculating the worth of a residential property, one can do it himself and save costs of valuation. Follow 5 simple steps to determine worth of your residential property.

1. Location (Most Important)

Comparing prices with neighborhood properties is the most effective way, especially for single-family homes. The location is very important for any real estate transaction and only similar properties should be compared. One should also take care of comparing properties which were built in the similar time period.

This is the most important factor used by real estate agents, customers and government while evaluating a residential property. Different parties like family, couples, working professionals prefer to live in different locations.

2. The Cost of Building a New Home

This can be done by determining land prices. Pick an empty lot of the same type in your neighborhood and calculate the price per square foot Then add the cost of improvements and fixtures. This will help to get the cost of rebuilding a new home. One should also include the amount spend on hiring construction and maintenance services.

3. Income of the Residential Property

Normally, it is used for calculating the value of hotels and restaurants. If one is planning to use residential property exclusively for rental purposes, then it is essential to know much property can earn. This should include the value of fittings and fixtures that may be offered with the property. It can only be determined by comparing the value of similar rental properties in the neighborhood.

4. Online Market Value Estimators

One can compare this value with one generated by online income value estimators.They follow various methods like fair appraisal, cost approach and sales commission. It would depend upon the kind of property and purpose of purpose of valuation. However, one should be careful to only use only reputed websites which can take various factors like fittings, taxes, local laws and goodwill into the consideration.

5. Extra Factors

If your property is located in a densely populated area but road construction is going to take place, then the value of the residential property can be easily changed in the future. Remember to look into local laws and plans to ensure that the value of the property is not affected at any point in future. If you are planning to give your property on rent and area is not safe, then it could greatly decrease the value.


Before estimating residential property, one can also improve the value of property. It can be done remodeling the property, changing fixtures and through beautification. Roofing is one such method which is used to increase the value of residential property. To know about various types of quality and affordable roofing, get in touch with your local professionals like the roofing contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan.


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