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Organic Vegetable Garden Planting

Updated on May 5, 2011

My Organic Vegetable Garden

Ceylon Spinach
Ceylon Spinach

Organic Gardening Is Better

Basic Principles of Organic Vegetable Gardening

More and more people are turning to organic products and organic produce each day. We've seen how chemicals in food have threatened lives and we know we are at risk everyday because almost everything we use and eat are laden with chemicals. The latest scare is of course the sad and horrible case of contaminated baby milk powder in China. It's effects were worldwide as countries everywhere began to recall food products that were contaminated with Melamine. One can't help thinking "what next?"

Well, there is one thing you can do to make sure the food on your table is 100% chemical free. You can decide today to do vegetable garden planting the organic way. Now, you may say that you do not have a green finger and have no idea how to start. However, I believe that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Information on starting vegetable gardens are easily available to you at the click of a mouse.


First off, let's uncover the basic principles of organic vegetable gardening. What exactly do we mean by "organic?" It means the produce is cultivated without the use of fertilizers, nutrients or pesticides. The planting process incorporates natural elements and techniques. So, one of your most important gardening allies includes sunlight and water. You also have to put in some effort to prepare an ideal area and provide adequate drainage. Don't forget, stick to natural methods. Organic gardening does not employ artificial ones.

Creating a compost heap would benefit your garden greatly. All you have to do is mix together unwanted food scraps, chipped bark, garden compost, leaf moulds and manure. Make sure you don't add in any dead animals or meat products. If you do, you'll end up with maggots in your compost bin. Disperse the compost throughout the garden and you will see your vegetables growing nice and healthy. Now, you don't have to be disgusted over manure. I'm not talking about collecting stuff from your toilet. Manure for gardening can be purchased at stores. Some people even rear chickens and use their droppings as fertilizer. You don't have to collect it, just let the chickens wonder free around the garden. As for me, my brother gave my kids a rabbit and we use it's droppings to fertilize the plants.

One thing I really cannot stand to see or touch are wriggling earthworms. But you know what, they are wonderful for organic gardening. The earthworms play a role in tilling the soil for us. As they dig deep down below, the earthworms bring to the surface a variety of minerals that are easy for the plants to absorb. The tunnels they create aerate and loosen the soil. It also allows rainwater that holds both organic and inorganic nutrients to flow down into the soil to the roots of the plants. Their excrement, also known as "castings" or "vermicompost" is beneficial too. It conditions and improves the properties of the soil. Did you know that it is rich in soluble nitrogen, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. It's nutrient and organic matter level is much higher than that of the surrounding soil. In a nutshell, earthworms create a healthy environment for your vegetables. You can get a supply of these wriggly creatures at a garden store or garden center.

One of the biggest headaches in gardening is keeping the pests away. You really don't want to find army worms, crickets, gypsy moth caterpillars, slugs and squash bugs destroying your hard work. One way to get rid of these pests naturally is to employ natural predators in your garden. For example, toads can help guard your vegetables as they have an appetite for almost every type of insect. Birds can help you get rid of caterpillars and spiders. Preying mantis and the ladybug are your gardening friends too. They will mark their territory and devour whatever insects that enter their domain. To lure these natural predators into your garden, you have to create an ideal environment for them. It can be as simple as putting up a bird house or constructing a small pond.

Crop rotation is a gardening technique to keep the soil fertile. What you do is alternate the types of vegetables you grow in one season. If you plant one type of vegetable this season, make sure you plant another type of vegetable the next. Don't keep planting the same kind.

Organic vegetable gardening can be very rewarding. Yes, it takes effort and a little knowledge. But it's so wonderful to harvest your own vegetables, knowing that what you are about to eat is way better than what you could ever buy. My garden is not very big. In the past, I've managed to grow long beans, ladies finger (okra) and brinjal (eggplant). At the moment, I have some berry trees, papaya trees, tapioca leaves and ceylon spinach. When I harvested and cooked the ceylon spinach the other day, my daughter commented that she liked it because it "tasted strong." At first I thought it was a bad thing because my children aren't the biggest fans of vegetables. But she assured me it was a good thing. "Tasted strong" actually meant it was very tasty.

So why not give organic vegetable garden planting a try? In this world filled with chemicals, give yourself a break and eat something natural from your garden instead.

Non-organic vs. My Homegrown Organic Vege

The picture on top shows the ceylon spinach I bought from the store.
The picture on top shows the ceylon spinach I bought from the store.
These are harvested from my garden. Can you see they are greener, fresher and bigger?
These are harvested from my garden. Can you see they are greener, fresher and bigger?

About Organic Gardening Beginner's Manual

This e-book is written by Julie Villani. She completed certificate III in Horticulture after studying at TAFE. She didn't always have green fingers. In fact, she started out with straggly plants. However, with determination, she eventually managed to cultivate enough vegetables to feed her family. I think that's what many of us aspire to do.

In this book, you'll learn how to prepare good soil, create an easy 'no dig' vegetable plot, 5 easy ways to keep the weeds away, successful composting, natural pest control, how to grow food even if you have limited space, what are the basic tools you need plus much more.

How much does it cost? Yeah, I know that is the first question that popped into your head. It's USD24 and it comes with 4 bonuses:

  • My Garden Diary for planning, recording and keeping notes
  • Seed Saving Tips and Techniques
  • Exclusive Email Bonus Coupon so you can ask Julie all those questions you are dying to ask regarding organic gardening.
  • 4 Year Plot Rotation Plan

If you're still not sure, read the testimonials of Jonathan Ya'akob, Marjorie Morris and Bee Smith. They all benefited from her book.

You're can own this book in less then 90 seconds. The book is downloadable instantly. Julie is so confident of the book, she is giving you a 2 month money-back guarantee. So, after 2 months, if her advice doesn't help you, you can demand for your money back.

So, get it now and give yourself and your family a shot at chemical free, vitamin filled, fresh, natural foods. Just click the link below:


A Simple Vegetable Garden

Just a small plot will do too.
Just a small plot will do too.


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    • camdjohnston12 profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow! I bet you have a healthy lifestyle. Great ideas on this hub!Thanks for posting.

    • BkCreative profile image


      9 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Your spinach is beautiful. I don't have a garden at the moment but will help my daughter-in-law shortly, here in NY.

      And I love Malaysia!!!!!!


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