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How To - Environment Friendly Hydroponic Gardening

Updated on October 4, 2011

Gardeners that grow using hydroponics from huge to tiny benefit from the advantages of this grow style while at the same time, doing their part in keeping the environment a little cleaner.

In older gardens, chemicals that cause damage along with pesticides are despised by Mother Earth friendly growers.  There absolutely needs to be a better way of gardening that can adapt to the needs of the earth and economy. Growing hydroponically is enjoying a rising acceptance.  This type of grow operation has been embraced by a solo grower to very large farms.  So many people have entered the green grow movement by beginning a hydro grow.

Good For The Environment and The Economy

The EPA has said that hydroponic gardening is good to our environment , which is super news to all out there that share a common concern for our world. Rotation of crops is very easy in hydroponic gardens which gives them another plus in addition to the multiple economic and environmental blessings. As the market situation and seasonal changes dictate, a hydroponic grower can change over crops simply to allow for expanded non-stop harvests.

Using The Sun To Power Indoor  Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic growing reduces H2O consumption and increases yields which is excellent, but, you can make an even greater difference by using solar energy using hydroponic systems. By using a solar water pump, you minimize your carbon footprint on earth. Plus, you can use a larger solar Panel system to produce the energy for both the pump and the growing lights for your hydro setup. For those looking to do it big, a whole home solar powerl kit can be installed to meet most or all of your home’s energy demands and then some.

Hydroponic Gardening Is A No Brainer

Many city residents don't have the choice of growing outdoors so hydroponic growing indside might be the only choice for you. Also, those residents with very limited land will enjoy increased productivity and harvests with hydroponic gardening.

Growing using hydroponics has garnered negative feedback due to the use of chemical based nutes and power-sucking high intensity growing lights- and rightly so. But, the growing availability of organic nutes and extra-efficient LED growing setups – both of which raises productivity and harvests – means that this is no longer an issue.

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