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Retractable Clotheslines - Where to Find The Best Retractable Clotheslines

Updated on April 20, 2010

There are more benefits to using a retractable clothesline or outdoor clothes dryer than most people realize. While interest in using clotheslines had waned for awhile in favor of using electric or gas dryers, there is a recent renewed interest in drying laundry the good old fashioned way as our mothers and grandmothers did it. One of the most popular reasons being how much money it can save you! Below are more reasons using an outdoor clothes dryer or retractable clothesline is a great idea!

Did You Know That....?

Your clothes dryer is the second largest consumer of electricity in your house? (Your refrigerator is the first).

Common clothes dryers use up to 5000+ watts of energy when in use?  This is usually much higher than most water heaters, pumps and washing machines.

Clothes dryers can account for up to 20% of the electricity you use per year. If you have a large family this number could be even higher. If you figure out what 20% of your annual electric bills add up to you might be surprised to find that you will be saving hundreds of dollars a year by using a retractable clotheslines or outdoor clothes dryers. Sometimes $500 or more!

Other Benefits of Using Retractable Clotheslines

  • Using retractable clotheslines or outside dryers are very environmentally friendly. Clotheslines emit no green house gases.
  • There is less risk of toxic fumes that are associated with gas powered clothes dryers.
  • No added chemicals such as Fabric Softeners are needed to obtain that fresh clean smell in your clothes.
  • Using retractable clotheslines eliminates static cling as well.
  • Fabrics keep longer when using a clothesline to dry them because gas dryers can remove softer, shorter and finer fibers from your clothes.
  • Air drying clothes prevents shrinkage.
  • Less Ironing. Creases and wrinkles drop out naturally when you dry your clothes on a clothesline. This prevents even more wear and damage on your clothes that can occur with frequent ironing. It saves you a ton of time as well!
  • On a windy or sunny day, clothes will dry quicker than in a gas dryer.
  • It is much quieter and peaceful. Gas dryers are noisy!
  • Using retractable clotheslines are much less expensive when it comes to upkeep than gas dryers. A retractable clothesline can run you as little as $10.00 to $100.00 (depending on the one you choose that best fits your needs) and they can last you many years with little or no upkeep. Gas dryers can break down more frequently and cost much more to be repaired.
  • You get fresh air, sun and exercise naturally when outside using a retractable clothesline outdoors.
  • There is less risk of fire due to electrical short circuits or clogged lint baskets.
  • Your clothes will look, feel and smell great!

Retractable Clotheslines and Outside Dryer Options

There are quite a few different outside dryer and retractable clothes lines you can choose from that will fit just about any need you have.

There are lines that you can use outside in your yard, in your garage, your basement, laundry room or even your bathroom (such as those used in hotels).

You can buy a single line clothesline or a tangle free 5 line clothesline if you need more space.

You also have the option of purchasing portable outside dryers which are little metal stands you can easily assemble and disassemble as the need strikes.

Below are just some of the outside dryer and retractable clotheslines available.

Single Line Retractable Clotheslines

These single line retractable clothesline are perfect for use in your bathtub - just like in most hotels. Water simply drips into the tub and down the drain.

They can also be used in basements and are perfect for use in the summer time for wet bathing suits and wet towels.

Most of these can extend to up to 8 feet and are very easy to retract when not needed.

5 Line Retractable Clotheslines

These retractable clotheslines can be used both indoors and outdoors.

They provide 5 vinyl coated lines and can extend to provide up to 170' of drying space.

Most of them come with all needed hardware if you want to use indoors from wall to wall, or you have the option of buying a metal pole that the retractable clothesline can hook up to while using outdoors.

They also include tension and tightening knobs to keep line taught.

Portable Stand Alone Clotheslines

These clothes dryers are excellent products because they are easily portable and can be used outdoors on beautiful days or indoors when needed.

They are lightweight, and can be folded and moved to any room in your house where you need them.

Other Clotheslines Items You Might Need


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