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How To Get Free Garden Seeds

Updated on January 27, 2010


 Gardening is a enjoyable pass time that many people around the world enjoy. Unfortunatly though this enjoyable hobby costs money. One way to help cut costs is to get things for free. Seeds are one of those things that you can gett for free in some cases. There are many ways to get free seeds, here are a few examples.


 How many times have you thrown out seeds after you cut a pumpkin or other fruit or vegetable? If you are like me you have probably done it alot. You could save those seeds and use them for your garden. Collect the seeds from the fruit or vegetable and place them on a paper towel and let them dry for a few days or weeks. After they are dry you could plant them in your garden. Make sure they are completly dry so they do not mold.


 If you know someone that may have some extra seeds you could ask them if you could have thier surplus seeds. They may be willing to share. Some people do not like to waste things so they may be more than happy.


 Everything on freecycle is FREE and sometimes people wil give away seeds on this website. You could place an ad letting people know you are looking for seeds and you may get some responses. You will probably have to pick them up so be prepared to travel a little in your area.


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