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How To Sell Your House Quick- Discover Why Your Price Is Not Right and Sell Your House Fast

Updated on January 26, 2014
Selling a house fast with the right  price, agent and staging will assure a quick sale.
Selling a house fast with the right price, agent and staging will assure a quick sale.

You home has been on the market for almost a year and no one is biting. You've turned down Realtors because you don't agree with the price they want you to offer for your home. Many are in this same situation because of the slumped property value, but if you truly want to sell your home you have to realize that is no longer your home but a business deal.

I know how it feels to be connected to a home you were in for years that may have been your parents first or you may have been the house your raised your family in, or like most paid much more than it is worth now; but never the less the new buyers don't care. They only want to take advantage of the current market price the way we did when we first bought our homes.

By pricing your house well, you can also repurchase with the new lower rates in a home suitable to your current needs such as a empty nest home or rental property.

How to Quickly Sell your House

To sell your house fast you will have to sell your home on the low end of your CMA, but don't fret, that will cause a buying frenzy leaving you choices. Everyone wants a great deal. But resisting will continuously cost you money. You will still be paying for a house you want to leave and prolonging your journey to your next stage of living with a better rate.

5 Home Selling Tips

  1. Remove all family pictures and allow potential buyers to imagine themselves in the house.
  2. Leave each room clean and well lit.
  3. Paint over any worn or loud color walls.
  4. Give the front of your house a welcoming fresh look. Trim hedges, mow grass & clean windows.
  5. Allow prospects to roam without interruption after entering a new space.

Tip to Sell A House Fast

Price your house below the market price, get a good Realtor and follow the tips above to allow it to show well. It’s just that simple. Pricing the house below the market will create a buying frenzy and cause a bidding war amongst the prospects you didn't have last month driving your price up and getting you paid more than you expected.

The market will take care of the pricing. Being educated about what the true value of your home will allow you to estimate what you will receive from a top buyer

Selling your home can go much smoothly and quickly when all parties realize the facts about the importance of a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). Trust me most buyers do...

Always remember:

  • Your house is not your home anymore; it will be someone else’s. You will have to detach your emotions and view it like a business deal.
  • Over pricing your house because of personal additions such as custom drapes or stone statues on your lawn and sentimental values have nothing to do with a new owners wants and needs.
  • Additions don't matter if the market dictates that similar homes are selling for a lower/higher price. What does matter is that a house is priced to sell for the current market.

Comparative Market Analysis

When doing a comparative market analysis your home has to be compared to about 5 houses in your immediate vicinity as well as similar structures and rooms. If you have a 3 bedroom house, 2 baths and 1 car garage, you certainly can't charge more than the houses that have 4 bedrooms and 2 baths and 2 car garage just because you personalized it with expensive wall papers and Jacuzzi; although you may be at the high end of your comparisons versus an out of date house.

It is very important to realize your home has to reflect a value suitable to your area you live in as well as other homes that are similarly built. If you want to get the Real Estate Agents excited about selling your house you first have to be realistic about the price. Do research about the houses sold in your area that are similar to yours.

Getting this information is easy as going to a professional real estate agency's website or asking an agent for a complimentary CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) which is a comparative chart of similar homes.

When an agent realizes you want to be realistic about the sale of your home they will know ahead of time they can relay the information about your home to other sales agent without problems.

When a property is priced to high a professional real estate agent that sees it will know then proceed to tell their clients to look at a similar property that is properly priced. Over pricing your home will take you off the market causing you to exceed your listing agreement.

When an agent lists your overpriced house it is normally because they could not convince the seller to lower the price, didn't know better, or desperate for a listing. Never the less no one will touch your property until the price is lowered and your will be waiting for months maybe a year.

If you don't comes to terms about listing to sell by using a CMA for pricing you can forget about being taken seriously by other buyer agents. A overpriced home will send the message that the owners are not in a rush to sell.

If your house is priced right from the beginning you stand a great chance to have many agents show it to their buyers and your agent will be motivated to get the word out as well. Get your CMA and price your house to sell and not to sit.


Selling your house quickly by accepting your current market value and pricing it slightly below will cause a stream of clients to bid on your home leaving you the option to choose the highest price. You may not get what you paid for your home years ago but would certainly leave you with funds to take advantage of the same cheaper rates and lower mortgage the new market is offering. Good luck and happy selling.


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