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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Quick

Updated on April 19, 2011

How to get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs have become a growing concern in recent years in the United States. The reason for the increase is not clear. They are normally found in unkempt areas but are also know to live the cleanest houses.

Get Bed Bug Mattress Covers here.Symptoms of bed bugs are welts on the skin or so called wheels, they also can leave a skin rash since they like to bite in rows. Bed bugs actually do not bite they suck blood like a parasite first they numb the area and then insert suckers to suck the blood this sucking can last up to three minutes, the victim is none the wiser and does not feel the notice the sting for several hours.

The treatment of bed bug bites is to not scratch them ever firstly since they may become scabbed. An infection can also occur if the area grows into an open wound a visit to the doctor may be necessary. How to get rid of bed bugs is a whole other topic. While there are many different methods floating around the web on how to treat a bed bugs problem. The method of removal will greatly depend on how bad the infestation is or how long the problem has been left untreated. It may be the best idea to contact a local bed bugs exterminator in your area to have the job professionally. This may cost a little more money but also virtually guarantees the bed bugs will be killed and will not return.

A Few Bed Bug Treatments

How to get rid of bed bugs? First thing is to completely clean the house. Bed bug removal must begin with everything in the entire house c stripped to the bones. See a bed bugs problem can occur not only in the bedroom but also in any room of the house. Living rooms are often affect since the bugs can live in torn couches or sofas. The temperature bed bugs will die at is 113 degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs will also not be able to live at below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Freezing to kill bed bugs is usually not an option unless one would happen to live in Alaska or the north ereast. If you try freezing the bed bugs out the temperature must be kept below freezing for two consecutive weeks. Killing bed bugs by heat my be the better option, a steam cleaner that can be rented from rental stores will output a steam hot enough that will kill bed bugs. The hard part is actually getting to the nasty little critters as they can hide in the smallest area including cracks in the walls or even behind outlet covers.

Areas of the house that can not be steam cleaned will not to be cleaned with a a cleaning product. As you can see how to get rid of bed bugs can be quite the complicated affair but is possible to be done by yourself if you have all the right information on how to kill bed bugs.


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