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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home

Updated on January 8, 2014

Roaches are considered one of the most disgusting insects on this earth. Most people find it next to impossible to get rid roaches from their house. They live in the dirtiest places possible on this earth, and unfortunately - you may even find them in your house. We always wondered how life would have been without the problems of these insects. We do understand that it’s really irritating to see roaches roaming along the kitchen floor. You will find them spreading germs over your snacks, destroying your carpets and walls, ultimately making you and your family ill. So, if you too want to get rid of all these problems, all you need is to just follow these few simple steps. So, keep reading:

How to get rid of cockroaches

You must first check if they are cockroaches or not. Cockroaches are basically medium to large sized insects. These cockroaches generally come in large groups and mostly hide during the day time. So if you do notice a few cockroaches, you are bound to have more cockroaches. Check the cupboards, closets, pantries for them. Mostly they hide in the kitchens because that is where the food is.

The next step involved is to find out where they are coming from. Once you get to notice one cockroach, you must follow them to see where they hide. Try checking all the corners and holes within your home. Mostly it has been said that cockroaches enter the houses from the drains and the vents, and you can’t always seal up every openings of your house.

Rather than sealing up all the holes and vents, you should consider killing them. There are plenty of things that you can do yourself for killing cockroaches. Rather than shooing them away, make them eat those antiroach foods and they'll begin to slowly die. You can buy roach food traps at the store for this.

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Cockroach Traps and Water Jars

If you don't want to waste your money on these traps, you have the option to make your own anti roach foods at your home. All you need is one part of powdered boric acid, one part white flour and one part granulated white sugar. This perfect blend of "roach poison" will definitely kill them. The white sugar baits them, the white flour makes them sick and the boric acid kills them. You can place this mixture in the form of small balls and can place them under the refrigerator, inside closets, over cup boards, in the kitchen or even on the stove. The process of killing them in this matter is slow, but have patience.

You can use insecticide sprays inside as well as outside your house. The anti roach insecticide sprays are easily available in the market, which you can spray at the opening of the drains or vents or any other holes. You can even spray at the corners of your house, under the refrigerator, over the cupboard and places where you think cockroaches can hide or come from.

You can try using water jars. Water jars are simple and very effective homemade ways to bait and trap the cockroaches. There is a jar placed at the side of the wall, which will allow the cockroaches to get in but will not allow the cockroaches to get out. This is a very traditional way to trap and kill the cockroaches.

How to get rid of cockroaches by luring them

You can even consider using cockroach traps. This technique has proved to be successful in kicking the cockroaches out of the house. These trap and lure the cockroaches in. This is all with the help of cello tapes. It’s a one way process. The cockroaches can come in but cannot get out and thereby dying inside the trap.

Always remember that a clean house is the main key to keep the cockroaches away. You can’t really find these roaches inside a clean house. You must keep the entire house - clean especially the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Use a minimum amount of grease wherever applicable. Cockroaches love greases. You must also put naphthalene balls in the corners of your house as cockroaches hate their smell. You must seal all the cracks inside your house, as cockroaches mostly come inside the houses through small openings and cracks.

Seeking professional help

It’s always advisable to seek professional help. If the above mentioned methods don’t work, you must call a pest control expert. Pest controller experts are licensed to use harsh chemicals and they are well trained to use these chemicals without harming the family members.

Now you've learned helpful tips to get rid of the roaches. Use these tips to live a hassle free life, without being constantly worried about your family becoming sick from these insects.


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