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How To Get Rid of Mouse in the House

Updated on April 17, 2011

Are you being disturbed by mice in your house? Learn how to get rid of mouse in the house and gain complete control of your house

Mice do disturb a lot and cause a lot of damage in the house. If you learn how to get rid of mouse in the house, you will be able to live comfortably in your home without any worries.
Believe me, I know what it feels like to have mice in the house. Whenever I hear the word 'mice', I try as much as possible not to remember what I went through because of them. But that problem has been solved. I have succeeded in getting rid of mice in my house and I want to show you the exact method I used.

The damage they do

Mice do a lot of damage in the house. I don't know what they may have done in your house but let me tell you what I went through because of their presence in my house.

-They made holes in the walls of my house.
-They made holes in my food containers.
-They ate up my food and wasted it because I couldn't eat remnants of food eaten by mice.
-They disturbed me while I slept and gave me sleepless nights with the noise of their movement.
- They made my house dirty with their urine dribbles and droppings and when they died, they caused a lot of bad smell in my house.

Have any of these happened to you? If yes, this is why you have to take action now against these mice.

How to get rid of mouse in the house - less effective ways

Remove food sources: Wouldn't you be happy if all the mice in your house would all die at once? Of course you would, though it would cause a lot of bad odour. And guess what keeps them alive, the food they eat! If you can remove their source of food, they will all starve and die.
How do you go about it?
Keep your food elevated, keep your trash in odour-proof containers, store your food in glass or metal containers and wash your dishes as soon as you finish using them.
Why is this a less effective method? Because you will have to wait for them to die. When I had mice in my house, I couldn't wait to get rid of them. Is this the same for you? Then read on to find out how to get rid of mouse in the house the fastest and easiest way.

Destroy their shelter: You can destroy their shelter by cleaning your house thoroughly and cleaning all dark corners. After that step outside your house and check high grasses, piles of debris, wood, and anything that is piled up. Clean every part of your house that you think a mice could hide in.
Why is this a less effective method? The truth is that you won't be able to discover all their hiding places.

Block entry points: Are there cracks or holds in your house that lead outside? This can be good entry points for mice. Block them before a mice passes through into your house.
Why is this a less effective method? Because mice have the ability to crack walls and create holes and then pass through.

The most effective and the best method to get rid of mouse

Want to know how to get rid of mouse in the house the most effective way? Then read on. This is the method I used.
The most effective way to get rid of mouse in the house is with the use of a mouse trap. There is no other method better than this.
What is the best mouse trap to buy? Don't worry, just continue reading to discover the best mouse trap.

Victor M2524 Electronic Mouse Trap Review

I have not seen or used a better mouse trap than this. Here are the benefits of having and using this mouse trap:

-Swift killing of mice
-Economical - 4 AA batteries can exterminate 50 mice!
-Easy to use - Comes with a user guide
-It prevents escape of mouse and decreases risk of shock to you with the unique tunnel design
-It kills a mice within 10 seconds
-If you accidentally open the top door, it automatically deactivates.

Now that you have learnt how to get rid of mouse in the house, I assure you that you will enjoy a mice free house with this mouse trap. I am confident about this because this is the same mouse trap I used.
This mouse trap can only be shipped to the US but there is a very similar one from the same company and with the same features that can be shipped internationally. Click here to purchase the mouse trap for non-us residents
Yes! Now you can enjoy a mice free house.

Why Let Mice Run Your House For You? Click Here To Get This Mouse Trap And Get Rid Of Mice In Your House Now


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