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How To Get Rust Of A Blade

Updated on June 5, 2017

If you are a collector of blades or just so happen to have a few laying around gathering dust then this will work for you. Blades tend to get rusty with constant touching of the blade with bare hands or if exposed to the environments, then it can get bad and eventually worse along the lines. This is what I was told to do if I need to get some rust off a blade.

Step 1: Get some sandpaper, when I did this I used some black light grit sandpaper to help clean some of the rust off. Now when I did this it was with a seven dollar machete from Wal-Mart but it did a pretty good job. What you want to do is gently rub the sandpaper across the parts that have rust, maybe if you use a higher grit it could take more off but the one I used still took alot off. Just keep going back and forth with it, careful of the blade if you are sanding that part because a dull blade can still cut.

Step 2: Get some kind of oil, I was told to use some kind of acid but my grandfather told me to use Vinegar or Vegetable Oil. What you want to do with this is pour it over the blade, you can either drown it in the stuff or simply pour it, I was told not to use a cloth. Once done with that put it back in it's sheath for about 24 hours, once you take it out it might be slippery and slimy so be careful about that.

Step 3: Rinse and repeat. Most likely some rust will still be on the blade, if you want you can rinse off the left over oil that is on the blade and sand it again. It might depend on how much you can get off if it has been on there for sometime, this worked on my machete and it will work for other knives and utensils. As I said if you are not comfortable using a high grit sanding paper feel free to go for a lighter one. Also if you are trying to get the rust off something without a sheath put it in a safe place so the goop can do it's business.

In any case I hope this helps, enjoy your day everyone and happy knife hunting.


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