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How To Grow Alfalfa Sprouts In A SproutMaster

Updated on July 1, 2014


Alfalfa sprouts are a nutritious food that is easy to grow indoors all year round. One way I like to grow them is in my Sprout Master. I like using my Sprout Master for leafy green sprouts because they grow more evenly and are easy to put under the aerogarden to green up. It also has better air circulation and drainage than jars from what I have heard. I have used the three tray sprouter and it grows them well in my experience. Here is how to grow alfalfa sprouts in your sproutmaster.

Step 1

Get some alfalfa sprouting seed. I get mine at health food stores. You can order them on-line as well. You can also see if your local grocery store carries them. I have only been able to find them on-line and at health food stores in my experience but your grocery store may be different.

Step 2

Measure out about 2 tablespoons of alfalfa sprout seeds and soak them overnight or for about 12 hours . You may also want to rinse them before soaking as well.

Step 3

After soaking pour seeds and water into Sprout Master and run water through them and give them a good rinse . Try to get them even so they are not clumped in one space. Rinse 2-3 times a day until sprouts reach the top of the sprouter.

Step 4

When the alfalfa sprouts grow to the top of the sprouter put them under a light to green them up. This is not required but it adds chlorophyll to your diet when you eat them. I put mine by the aerogarden to green up but any grow light will do. Your regular indoor light may even do it but I have not tried it that way yet. Do not put them in direct sunlight though as this will spoil them.

Step 5

Harvest them. You can just pull them right out of Sprout Master and eat them or you can dehull them first. Just fill a container with the sprouts and water and agitate the sprouts and pour off the hulls. Keep doing this until as many hulls as desired are removed. Break apart any clumps of sprouts to remove more hulls.

Step 6

Let them dry thouroghly before putting in the fridge. Wet sprouts will spoil fast. Running them through a salad spinner is a good way to get most of the moisture off them.


Keep sprouts at room temperature while growing ( About 70 F) for best results

Sproutmaster 3 Tray Sprouter


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