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How To Grow Hyacinth's For Christmas

Updated on September 30, 2011

Decorative Value of Hyacinth's

To grow this flower successfully in glasses demand's no horticultural skill, for children often produce very creditable specimen's. It only require's the intelligent application of certain well understood principle's.

Like all other bulb's the hyacinth should form it's root's before top growth begin's.

The flower is cultivated in water for two reason's the pleasure derived from seeing the entire plant,and the decorative value by this mode of treating it.

As darkness retard's top growth,but does not delay the production of root's it is usual to place the glasses in a cool dark place to start the bulb's.

Darkness is not essential for development of root's. But darkness and coolness alike tend to delay the growth of foliage until root's are formed.

The water should just touch the base of the bulb or it will rot. Wire's to support the flower's are necessary to stop flower's from falling to one side. A low temperature and access to air are necessary in all stage's of growth.

Growing in Pot's

For pot culture prepare the pot's for drainage putting broken pot pease's and fill with compost.

Remove a little compost from the central surface and into this hollow ligtly press the bulb and press the compost firmly around it leaving about half the bulb visible.

If put to much pressure the compost will be to compact that when the root's begin to grow, instead of penetrating, they will lift the bulb out of it's proper postion.

For the earliest supply of flower's select single varities as these naturally come into bloom in advance of the doubles.

When the top's begin to grow about one inch high, remove the pot's to a greenhouse or indoor's and subdue the light for a brief period until the natural colour is gained.

To secure a continuous supply of Hyacinth's from christmas onward's by forcing successive batches of root's the final display will come into flower without artifical assistance.

For general indoor decorative purposes, small pot's can be used to display in a limited area. Good specimen's can be grown by growing 48mm size bulb's.


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