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How To Grow Leafy Green Sprouts In A Sproutmaster

Updated on July 1, 2014


Leafy green sprouts are easy to grow indoors and offer a variety of nutritional properties and flavors. You can easily grow leafy green sprouts in a sprout master following these steps.

Step One

Decide what type of leafy green sprouts you want to grow. There are many types you can grow. Some ideas are alfalfa, clover, broccoli, and radish just to name a few.

Step Two

Measure out about 2 tablespoons of seeds and put in a cup and soak overnight or for about 12 hours. Be sure to rinse them before soaking to remove any dust that may be on the seeds.

Step Three

After soaking pour seeds into your sprout master and give them a good rinse until water runs clear. Also try to keep seeds as even as you can for even growth.

Step Four

Rinse two or three times a day until sprouts start producing their first set of leaves.

Step Five

After leaves start appearing put sprouts under a light source to green them up. I use my Aerogarden but any grow light will do. Possibly even a normal light in a room. You can eat them without greening up but they will have no chlorophyll and will be a little less nutritious.

Step Six

Harvest yours sprouts. You can eat then right out of the sprout master or you may also want to de-hull them. To de-hull just put your sprouts in a bowl of water and rinse off hulls. Be sure to agitate the sprouts and break apart any clumps to remove more hulls. Make sure they are completely dry before storing to prevent spoiling. You can run them through a salad spinner and that will dry them off adequately.


Do not put sprouts in direct sunlight as this will ruin your sprouts as it is too hot. Keep at room temperature for best results


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