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How To Grow Peas Indoors

Updated on May 15, 2012

For many people, living in apartments or flats means that they have no access to growing a garden. However, gardening can be a very relaxing and enjoyable hobby and growing your own food is fantastic both in terms of health and the environment. Not all fruits and vegetables can be grown indoors, but there are a few which can thrive perfectly so long as you have enough daylight coming in. For peas, this means around 6-8 hours sunlight a day, but as long as you can find a south-facing window where this is achievable then peas are quite a simple vegetable to grow, and you can be eating them in your cooking only around 65 days after sewing.


Planting Your Peas

Using a pot or window box (ensure that there are drainage holes), sew your pea seeds one to two inches apart and about two centimetres deep. Ideally, find or create some form of trellis or tall sticks (around three to four feet tall) so that your peas will have some support. Once you have planted your peas, water them sparingly (or water them into the saucer) until they are a bit bigger. Then you can start watering them until it comes out of the drainage holes in your pot. As your pea plant grows, it will only need watering around twice a week. Once your peas plant has flowered, you can start using tomato feed on it. Many people, when planting peas, will plant them two weeks apart from each other, ensuring that there will constantly be peas to harvest. Harvesting should be done daily to promote your plant producing more.

If You Move Your Peas Outside

If you have been growing your peas inside but do have a patch of land to use, or gain one through moving or renting one, move them when the ground is dry outside. This should preferably be two to three weeks after planting. Alternatively, you could move your peas outside in their pot to grow on a patio. If you have a balcony then you could alternatively move your peas to there.

What Are The Benefits Of Growing Peas Indoors?

Since peas will need to be visited by bees and other insects in order to pollinate and thus peas will need to be re-planted annually indoors, you may feel that, if you can grow them outside, there are no benefits to growing your pea plants indoors. However, since pea plants are very tall, they are susceptible to wind damage which is eliminated when growing indoors. There are also other things which may cause harm to your plants outdoors, such as pests or plant diseases. If you find that the weather is unpredictable, also, you can easier keep an eye on your plant's water intake indoors, being able to ensure that your plant doesn't get root rot. Of course, there are also other fantastic benefits to having plants indoors such as air filtration and the lowering of stress levels.


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