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How To Grow Strawberries

Updated on March 15, 2011

Strawberries are probably one of the most popular and attractive fruits in the world. They are just irresistible to people. I don't know anyone who doesn't like them. Some even say they are a perfect food. But how hard are they to grow?

Luckily, not hard. Anyone can grow strawberries, and trust me, it's one of the most rewarding gardening experiences you will have.

Growing Strawberries

As said, strawberries are easy to grow. They are an excellent crop for an amateur gardener. They don't require a lot of effort, but there are some considerations you should be aware of.

First, they love sun, so don't plant them in the shade. They like well-drained soil, rich in humus. Keep weeds away. You don't want weeds to compete with your precious strawberry plants. It's not advisable to plant them where you previously grown peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and/or potatoes. These plants could pass on verticillium wilt, which is quite common soil-borne disease that is very bad for strawberries.

When to plant? From June to September. How to plant? Check the videos:

With favorable conditions, strawberries will grow for years and years, giving you delicious as well as nutritious sweet red berries. But remember, the birds and other animals love them too.


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