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How To Have A Beautiful Perennial Garden

Updated on June 3, 2012

Beautiful Summer Flowers

Instructions For Planting & Clean-Up

  1. Weed and cultivate use topsoil to mix.
  2. Plant your bulbs or plants and add Miracle Grow All Season.
  3. Add Preen and mulch
  4. In the fall cut down and clean partially spread old seeds out.
  5. Late Spring clean and pick old flowers and weed and follow with steps 1-5 again. Make sure you do not weed to soon because you need to allow plants to return.

It took me many years of planting and trying to master a beautiful summer garden but you can also by reading this hub. First thing you need to do is find out which perennials do you like, if they need full or part sun. I went with most plants that required full sun because I do not have allot of shade near my home. You want to cultivate your soil and break it up. Make sure you get all the weeds clear. This does take allot of work but when you do this you will save yourself time in the future. Fill in with top soil and if you can afford to mix the top soil with miracle grow soil, this would be preferred but not necessary.

Once the soil is mixed well I would start planting larger plants in the back, for example: Group the plants together like Hollyhocks, which look gorgeous when planted in groups. Sometimes with these flowers they grow tall and heavy and may need support with some type of stake. I love the Hostas in the middle which in the above picture, they are the big leafy plant with white flowers that come up later in the summer. Those types of perennials are very hearty and need little maintenance. You can start with bulbs or even go to the nearest greenhouse to get your perennials. I suggest do some research on line so you can see the flowers and draw out where you would like to plant them. Each plant comes up at different times so you will have a variety of color all season. I have planted bulbs and have gone to greenhouses to purchase the plants. I do like to go towards the end of the season when they are discounted as well.

After you plant I aslo fill in the front with wave petunias or Tidal wave petunias. They are great to fill in but these flowers do not come up year after year they are called annuals. You can fill in with any type of annual if you like or just plant perennials.

It is trial and error. Most of my plants have come back year after year. After your plants are planted. I use Miracle Grow All Season Plant food and sprinkle it in your garden. I use it in the beginning and towards the end of the season. You will be surprised at the results. Once this is complete I spread out red mulch with preen. You can also use just preen and than top with mulch. This really helps with weed prevention and also help your plants retain moisture. You always need to water your flowers everyday but at sundown only. The reason for this is so the water reflects the sun and may make your plants wilty if you water in the morning. The plants will thrive and grow by watering everyday. If it rains they will not require to be watered. These tips are also used with my potted plants as well but I skip the preen and mulch. Don't get discouraged I never use to have a green thumb but now I love to garden.

God Bless!



Sun Flower Garden With Perennials


How To Have A Beautiful Garden

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      6 years ago

      Thanks for the tips!! Good article.


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