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How To Improve Your Family's Safety with a Driveway Alarm System

Updated on September 22, 2010

When it comes to your family's safety and security a driveway alarm alert system makes the perfect addition to your current home security setup. There are a few different types of these systems and we will cover them shortly. My niece Heather told me she liked their wireless driveway alarm because she knew when the Domino's pizza driver pulled in their driveway. I told her that was a nice side benefit but it does a whole lot more than let you know when dinner has arrived.

When you start doing your research keep in mind their are four main types of driveway alarms to chose from.

  • Hard wired - These require you to bury a cable along the side of your drive and you place a sensor at the opening of the drive. This was the first generation of these systems and is still useful, but hard to install and over time the weather degrades the cabling requires replacement in about four to six years. Plus you have no way of adding options to this device.
  • Pressure or weight sensitive driveway alert systems are similar to the old hard wired devices and you have to you a cable and cut up some of your driveway to install the weight sensor. If the sensor goes out - you get to chip away at your driveway again.
  • Wireless driveway alarm systems are the most popular and most sought after in today's home security market. They require just a little labor for installation - and the components are easy to replace if they go out. Plus there is a myriad of add on options for some of these systems.
  • Metal detection driveway alarms are also an older version of this security measure and this is for when you only want to know a large metallic object is moving in or out of the drive and the sensor will not alert you when humans or animals are present.

Wireless Driveway Alarm Systems with Optional Relays

Driveway Alarms Improve Your Home Security Defenses
Driveway Alarms Improve Your Home Security Defenses

Wireless Driveway Alarm: Voice Alert 6

The Voice Alert 6 is one of the hottest driveway alarm products on the market right now. It does more than just chime when you have a visitor or intruder. This wireless driveway alarm is a smart system that has built in zones so you create a complete perimeter alarm encompassing your property.

And as the name implies it uses your own voice to let you know when a certain zone is breached - You record a message with your own voice for each zone so when someone sneaks over the backyard fence it might say, "Backyard Motion Detected" or "The North perimeter has been breached" - So you will know exactly where the motion is coming from on your property.

The Voice Alert also comes with 4 C relays so that you can connect other devices to the systems for added protection - like turning on flood lights - activating sirens or strobe lights - you can even integrate some CCTV security camera systems into THE VA6 to record the motion going on outside.

Some common home applications for this system include:

  1. Driveway Alarm
  2. Perimeter Security
  3. Intruder Detection
  4. Visitor Notification
  5. Child Monitoring and Safety
  6. Outside Structure Protection
  7. Auto Security
  8. General Property Protection

Driveway Alarms Product Guide

Prevent Home Invasions and Child Molesters from Invading Your Property and Family

Prevention of home invasions in urban areas is another reason you should consider the voice alert 6 - anyone from kidnappers to crackheads see your house as an invitation to create an instant income and or an opportunity to violate loved ones - We need to send an instant message to these creeps that we are aware of their presence and we will fight back. Our children will be safer and monitored when playing in the front yard or even backyard. You owe it to your family to install this or a similar system of prevention today.


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      uplixalulalty 4 years ago

      My partner and i employed to find at the top of life however these days We've piled up a opposition.

    • profile image

      Eddie Paliescheskey 7 years ago

      We install/repair automatic gate operators in the southeast and I can tell you the driveway alarm systems are getting more popular every day. They really give our customers peace of mind knowing that if someone drives into their property they are going to know about it!

    • profile image

      Jonathan 7 years ago


      Check out They were the first in the market with this type of technology. Best there is!