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How To Invest In Dubai Properties

Updated on March 10, 2016
Owning a home in Dubai
Owning a home in Dubai

Wonder why thousands of Indians love to buy properties in Dubai. Not that they only love to live in that part of the world. The real reason is that nothing sells like properties in Dubai. Dubai has gone from Mega to Ultra-Modern country with extreme inventions in fields like engineering, construction and many more. Would you not want to invest in real estate business with a lifetime ROI in an heavenly country, professionally sunny, lackadaisically dancing water, and emotionally air conditioned atmosphere. A country where the major problem of citizens is having too much cars than their compound could contain. A country where you can make as much as you spend, everyone literally wants to buy what you have to sell. Welcome to Dubai.

Living in Dubai
Living in Dubai

Top 3 reasons why you should consider investing in Dubai properties

  • Rental income from property is a stable source of income, and while it might fluctuate, is highly unlikely to vanish altogether. Compare that to interest on deposit accounts or dividends on shares. Good investment properties in Dubai offer 8-10% rent return.
  • World Expo 2020 will bring 25 million people to the emirate and create 277,000 new jobs. The first time the Expo will be hosted in the Middle East. Dubai’s property market will naturally feel the impact of the event thereafter.
  • NO TAX. Investors enjoy capital gains tax, inheritance tax or income tax relief when investing in Dubai properties.

If you are looking for ultra-premium villas, inspired by the classically curvaceous landscape, Dubai has got it! Dubai policy makers have intentionally weakened some of the country's laws to attract massive foreign investments and high inflow of expatriates which now account for about 70% of its workforce. This has opened doors to huge profits from tourism. It is common to find many Asians having properties in this location as this often guarantee mouthwatering return on investment within a very short period of time. The presence of high influx of people with common goal of short-stay makes property investment a sure-fire alternative stream of income in Dubai. If you have some money to put aside for investment in the next couple of years, then I will advise that you consider investing in Dubai properties. This is a lifetime investment that is guaranteed to earn you hard currency up to about 400% ROI in 10 years.

Invest in Dubai properties.
Invest in Dubai properties.

Make this a RULE, if you are ever going to wait on investments for up to 2years to make decent ROI-Ensure it is in economically stable hard currency. That is what I am here to talk about. These days, almost everyone can now invest in properties in Dubai and make meaningful ROI within a meaningful time at least far higher than many parts of the world. With the level of innovations going on in Dubai alone; which is also directly proportional to the price of properties, you are rest assured that you have a recession-proof investment. This is not a country that depends on Oil as a major revenue for its economy to grow, little wonder why Dubai currency keep rising even while other currencies are losing their strength in the face of dwindling oil prices.

Yes! I would like to rupture your imagination and provoke a figment of your mentality to wanting to explore beyond your psychological market limitation. I met a couple of Americans in Dubai who have become high net worth through property investments in Dubai. One of them I had a brief chat with during a property presentation confirmed that he joined the property business in Dubai 5 years ago with a studio apartment, “I currently now own a 2bedroom flat with which I get a rent of about $150K equivalent every year. This is not bad at all especially when you realize this can only go up in few years to come”. The beauty of property investment in Dubai is that you can pay install-mentally and still get a chance to design not only your own building but also the layout to where your property is.

Experience leisure in Dubai.
Experience leisure in Dubai.

Knowing that building in Dubai may not be as hectic as building in many part of the world, and considering the fact that you can own a property with just 30% down payment will definitely want to have a reason to jump on board besides why would you want to be the project Engineer of your own building when there are millions of developers with world class architectural designs that will cost you just a fraction of what you will pay in other parts of the world.

Let me know what you think about this alternative investment and I could arrange for you to see some properties up for sale in Dubai.

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