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How To Keep Herons Out of Your Pond

Updated on September 28, 2010

Blue Herons are the main predator of garden ponds. No matter where your pond is wether it's in the suburban or city a Heron usually finds it way into your pond. How can you keep herons out of your pond? It's easy and very important. Herons are one of the main predators and killer of koi. This will cost you a lot of money in the long run. Blue Herons are one of the more common herons to be seen. Here are some methods to keep Herons out of your pond.  Ponds can be a great addition to a house keeping Herons out are one of the many things including getting rid of pond algae, getting rid of cattails, even how to attract ducks to your pond all these will lead to a beautiful pond.

Heron Statues and People Statues Used to Scare Herons

Herons are territorial birds so some say using a statue of another heron will help deter another from coming and taking your fish. This has worked great for me and the statues aren't very expensive. Another statue trick is to use a statue of a realistic person or life like being to help scare the birds away. Also a statue can make a koi pond have a artistic look to it. These pond supplies serve as great deters.

Ways to Scare Heron from Pond

Using nylon fishing line suspended about 8 to 10 feet above the pond in a checkerboard grid with the squares about two feet by two feet.When the Heron flies into the pond they will get tangled in lines which then will prevent them from getting a into your pond, which will keep them away from it. Birds can’t see the fishing line and hitting it will confuse them. Use the strongest line that you can find. You will occasionally see a heron land and walk over that's when I send my dog out to chase him away that also seemed to work well. It took a couple times and he never came back. The fishline netting can also act as a structure for your pond if it's getting to much sun light then you can put a tarp or coverage to help block sunlight from the pond.


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    • gracenotes profile image

      gracenotes 7 years ago from North Texas

      Good source of information.

      Because I only have gambusia in my pond, blue herons don't come around.

      But one time I saw a blue heron standing atop one of my neighbor's houses that is several blocks away. I think if my dogs saw a heron, they would go nuts. They'd be out there in a heartbeat to scare him away. Good for your dog!