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How To Keep Your Pond Crystal Clear

Updated on September 10, 2013

A Back Yard Pond

The house that I currently live in was purchased in December 2005. It had been nearly 5 years and I still had not put in a back yard. We called it the "Desert" because that is basically what it was, but in the summer of 2010 I finally got the yard that I wanted.

One of the things I wanted in my backyard was the sound of running water so I elected to have a pond put in that included a fountain. I was excited as I watched my new back yard being put in, but as I told others about what I was doing they all warned me that it would take very long before my pond was a mucky green.

I was told that the fountain had a filter on it and would help in keeping the pond clean. Let me tell you, the critics not the landscaper was correct.

Once my pond was put in I filled it with water, waited a few days as instructed so the chlorine would go away and then I went down and bought me some fish. Twelve to be precise. I spent a whole dollar on them.

Well, the guy at the place where I bought the fish told me to buy some disposable ones at first while we monitored the waters chemical balance. Made enough sense to me. Sure enough after a couple of weeks the water was getting a cloudy green. It wasn't bad, you could still see the fish, but you could tell that it was going bad in a hurry.

Now came the big question, what do I do in order to keep my pond clear?

Pond Photos


The Search and the Solution

I first started doing a bunch of google searches in order to find out what caused the pond to turn green.  It didn't take long to find out that the main culprit was algae.  It also didn't take very long to find out that there were a 1,001 solutions for $29.99 that would absolutely guarantee a crystal clear pond.

Even though I waded through the testimonials of several products it just didn't make sense that dropping a sphere in my pond would keep it clean so I headed back to the place where I bought my fish.  The store owner very knowledgeable about fish and told me that all those things I read about don't really work (now the big question, "who to believe?).  He stated that the most effective way of keeping a pond clear is using a UV light bulb.  It was a contraption that the water pumped through and when it crossed over this light bulb the UV would kill the algae.  It made sense how he explained it, but it seemed complicated.

Anyway, I told him how inept I was at building, fixing, or hooking things up and he said, "don't worry it's very simple."  Well, I've heard that before and I was skeptical, but what clinched the deal for me was the story he told about how he had set up one of these devices in a pond that looked like Pea Soup and within two weeks it was crystal clear.  I said let's do it!

Cost and Installation

There are many different size lights, the one you want depends upon the size of your pond. Mine is about 500 gallons. What I had to order was the light that can be viewed through the link found above, a submersible pump, and some tubing.

I actually had to get a little larger pump then what I needed to for the size of my pond because i wanted to hide the unit behind some plants therefore it was going to have to pump the water a little further. If you look at the top picture that I included above you can see something white through the plant behind the pond. It is attached to the fence. Then a little left of the plant you can see something black, which is part of the electrical unit attached to the fence. You can also see a clear tubes that pump the water out of the pond and return it back in.

As I said above I am not a "fix it" type person. In fact, if you look at most of my Hubs they are about finances. I am a money guy. I do taxes, I trade the markets, I buy rental properties. Give me numbers and I can help you, give me something to do with my hands and you've got a problem.

Having said that this was rather simple. All I had to do was hook the clear tubing to the submersible pump and to the unit, hook another clear to the unit for the return into the pond, plug it in, attach it to the fence and I was done. It was amazing I built something!

I hooked this unit up about 4:00 p.m. one afternoon, when I got up the next morning the pond was crystal clear. If you look at the second picture notice how easily you can see the rocks at the bottom of the pond. I have had this unit in for over a week now and there are no problems, the water is clear.

Now having said that I still have to skim the pond. There is still a film that grows on the sides and then it comes loose and floats, but I have a little net and in a couple minutes every few days it looks real nice. The bottom line and what was my main concern was the clarity of the water. It is very clear!

The total that I spent for everyone in this system was about $350.00. This was actually a little higher than what I needed to pay because I ended up getting the bigger pump and extra tubing so I could hide the unit as much as possible.

If you are looking for a way to keep your pond clear I can highly recommend this unit. I am very pleased with it.


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    • profile image

      Tiffani 7 years ago

      oh, man.

      you are a funny one.and you don't even know it.

      your next hub should be about the fish and their names.