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How To Keep Your Rose Bush Blooming Spring, Summer and Fall

Updated on June 29, 2013

Dead Heading Your Rose Bush

Dead Heading is one of the most important factors in keeping your rose bush healthy and blooming month after month it will give you new rose blooms much faster than just letting them fall off by themselves. To dead head your bush all you need is a pair of hand pruners or needle nosed scissors.Follow the stem down from the bloom to the intersection of the new bud and stem and snip at a 45 degree angle being very careful not to damage the new bud.Now just repeat this process until you have removed all of the withered, spent blooms. Simple enough? Now every dead, withered rose that you snipped off will be replaced with new growth and buds.

Pruning Your Rose Bush

Pruning is basically the same procedure as dead heading except you are removing dead or damaged leaves instead of blooms. Sometimes you might find that your rose bush is producing beautiful blooms but some of the leaves may have yellow or brown tips or spots or even holes in them and no matter how pretty the roses are the ugly leaves are distracting. These ugly spots or holes can be caused by a number of different things like: watering when the sun is at it's hottest and burning the leaves, pests like Japanese beetles and many different types of fungi. Pruning won't remedy the problem causing the leaves to look unattractive or keep it from happening again but it will at least get rid of those leaves until you can find the cause and remedy it . To get started pruning just follow the damaged set of leaves back to the first healthy cluster of 5 leaves and snip at a 45 degree angle just above the cluster or new growth careful not to damage it. Now you should have a beautiful healthy looking rose bush with beautiful blooms and foliage.

Fertilizing and Watering

Now that your rose bush looks beautiful and healthy lets keep it that way by making sure it gets watered and fertilized properly. Roses need the same basic essentials as other plants do to thrive: food and nutrients, water and sunlight but are heavy feeders and need more fertilizer, more often than most plants. You should fertilize your rose bush for the first time in the spring when new growth and green leaves start to form on it. When fertilizing for the first time use a granular rose fertilizer to give it a boost of nutrients and ensure it has a healthy start, just pull back the mulch away from your bush and sprinkle fertilizer about 1 inch from it;s base in a circle around it, replace mulch and water thoroughly. After the first blooming session (two to three weeks later) mix up some Miracle Grow plant or rose food and water your bush thoroughly, make sure you water late in the evening when the sun isn't at it's full potential so it doesn't burn your rose bush. Now wait about three more weeks and spray your entire bush with a water-soluble fertilizer such as fish emulsion. After each blooming session fertilize, alternating between Miracle Grow and spraying with the water-soluble fertilizer up until late August. You want to make August the last month you fertilize until next spring to allow growth to slow to get ready for winter depending on what region you live in. Now that you know the routine you will have the most beautiful roses in the neighborhood from spring up until fall.

smelling the roses
smelling the roses


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