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How To Know if You Need a New Bed.

Updated on August 2, 2016

Bed experts say that your bed has a lifespan of about 7-10 years and after that time you may find that your quality of sleep declines as the bed becomes less comfortable and supportive. The performance of a bed will of course depend on its quality and the amount of use it gets, so how do you really know if your bed is coming to the end of its life? This hub looks at that question.

If you:

  • Wake up feeling achy and as if you haven’t slept well
  • Don’t feel that you sleep as well now as you did a year ago (and you haven’t suffered from insomnia for another reason)
  • Have slept at a friend’s house or at a hotel and had a better night’s sleep than you do at home
  • Have looked at your mattress and/or bed base and found wear and tear

Then these are signs that you might need to think about buying a new bed.

The UK’s Sleep Council has 10 further questions that will confirm your suspicions if you have them. Answering ‘yes’ to 3 or more of these questions indicates that your bed is past its use-by date. These questions are:

  1. Is your bed more than 10 years old?
  2. Do you wake feeling stiff or with aches that you didn’t have before you went to bed? Especially in your back or neck?
  3. Check the mattress cover – is it torn or stained?
  4. If you lie in bed, can you feel the springs or ridges under the surface of the mattress?
  5. When you or your bed partner moves about do you hear suspicious creaks from the bed frame/base or mattress?
  6. Do you and your partner roll together into the middle of the bed (unintentionally)?
  7. Is your bed too small so that movement from your partner disturbs you?
  8. Look at the mattress or base – does either sag or appear uneven?
  9. Are the legs or castors wearing out?
  10. If your neighbours saw the bed without its covers, would you be embarrassed?

If you have asthma, eczema or other allergies these can be made worse by an old bed because both the mattress and base (especially a divan base) can house a lot of house dust and house dust mites. So if your allergies have got worse over the past few years, and you wake with a stuffy nose etc this could be the reason. has further information on bed buying and check these hubs – How to Find the Right Mattress for Your Needs and How to Buy a Bed Base.


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