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How To Maintain A Clean Apartment

Updated on July 26, 2019

Cleaning is something that most people do not enjoy. Personally, I don't mind having a good cleaning day every once in a while, but staying clean every week is a real chore. Like most people, I work an 8-5 job, 40 hours a week, and come home and want to do nothing but relax. Things will clutter up during the week until Sunday comes around and I have to pick it all up. Thankfully, I found some useful ways to help keep your apartment clean week to week.

Design Your Apartment With Cleanliness In Mind

It is easy as a human to collect things we love. Even easier to forget how much we own. What can be really hard is getting rid of and throwing away the things we don't really need. My point here is we live in a very materialized and consumer driven world. We practically think we have to keep everything and buy everything, but don't and shouldn't.

If you really want to get better about having a clean apartment, your first step is to really design it that way. I am not saying to go and throw out all your knick knacks, but maybe display a few special ones and store the others. Keep a more minimal design or something that looks fresh and clean without looking overly cluttered. You don't want to fill space because you have it. Often times that is why apartments don't look clean is because there is too much going on.

Have A Catch All Spot

Like I mentioned, I like to dump my things when I get home and just relax. I used to never really care where they ended up or how much it got cluttered. Now, I am very mindful of where I place my things. My suggestion is to have a spot in the house that is allowed to have organized mess. For me, it is my entry way. I have a bench that I put all my items I have on the daily. I don't bring them any further than that unless they need to go away. This can help you because you don't have to feel like you need to be 100% clean and picked up. You can still welcome some mess.

Clean While You Cook

For me I think one of the messiest areas is the kitchen. Dishes pile up. Trash accumulates. Spills wander on the counter. It can look like a pig sty some nights. I have gotten into the habit of routinely cleaning while I cook. Even if it is just when you are waiting for something to heat up in the microwave. It can be so simple and save you a huge clean up at the end. Do the little things. Save the bigger things till the end. If you finished using a fork, put in the dish washer. You made a spill? Wipe it up right then. You don't have to have it fully clean by the time your meal is done, but at least the things you can manage in between.

Keep Some Areas Clear

To me, there are designated areas that I do not allow any mess after I have been there or used it. Just to name a few: table, living room, bathroom. These are the areas anyone will probably use and first see when visiting. They are areas that are easy to clean up every day too.Take the living for example. I have gotten in the habit that if I brought anything from another place to the living room, it needs to go back there when I am done. The kitchen table I always keep clean other than the decoration on it. The bathroom is simple because after I use it I put back the thing I used. They are small steps, but when you get in the groove and motion that become routine and clean.

Make A Cleaning List

This might seem a little childish. Something that your mom probably put up on the fridge to mark your chores. Honestly, it works especially if you put it on your fridge. You can write your list as a chart, calendar, anything that suites you and your style. I write mine as a chart with a week by week check mark spot. I think this is great because it will hold you accountable. Not to mention, once you check marked something you know it is done and can see when you might need to do it again. Say vacuuming. You did it Sunday night. Check. Now look at when you would prefer to do it again. It really is so simple, but helps you stay on track.

Think Before You Buy

We really do live in a world that makes you think and believe you need every product. I am guilty about it for a lot of things. Makeup, clothes, pillows, blankets, the list really could go on. It can be hard to pass up a good deal or something you really like. You need to have that internal debate with yourself. Do you REALLY need? Will it help you? Will it become more clutter in a week? Is it worth the money? Seriously. Ask yourself those questions. Chances are you don't need it and it will only take up space and clutter.

Recycle and Donate

This correlates with thinking before you buy, but the opposite. I urge that you do like monthly or yearly purges in your apartment. If you do, you will begin to realize how much you hold on to. When I do mine, I realize all the stuff I haven't touched in so long. Why should you hold onto that stuff? You shouldn't. Sit down and focus on one area you collect a lot of things. Ask yourself similar questions as if you were buying something new. Do you need it? Will you use it or have you used it? Is it something you can donate?

If you can truly answer any of those questions, then get rid it. Don't throw it away if someone else could benefit from it. You can donate it to a shelter or Goodwill. See if a friend could use it. Your options are endless. But you will soon realize how much you should be giving up. How much space you can also be freeing up.


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