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How To Maintain Your Carpet

Updated on May 16, 2014

Carpets Are Lovely But...

All the pollutants that exist in your indoor climate will eventually find its way to you carpet. Oil from feet, and dirt and grime from the stains. This will also cause your indoor climate to be polluted giving you symptoms like headache, tiredness, cough etc.

If you also have kids or pets your carpets will get dirty very fast, and even if you manage to clean the stain there will always be a little grime that attaches itself to the carpet fibers.

You can always clean your carpet with your vacuum cleaner, but this will only remove the dust that exists on the surface of your rug or carpet. The stains and the grime on the fibers of the carpet will still be there and.

After a while it may start to smell funky, that is a clear sign that you need to do something about your carpet right now!

Dogs and Cats on Carpets

Things You Can Do

There are a lot of things you can do to reduce the amount of dirt that reaches your carpet.

You can use a doormat. Remove some of the dirt of yours and your visitors feet and shoes before they enter your carpet.

Be fast. When you have an accident and spill on your carpet you need to be clean it up fast so that it does not stick to the carpet. Clean it up immediately.

Vacuum. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the worst of the dust that has settled on your carpet. This will not get rid of the stuff that is embedded deep in the fibers.

Deep Clean. Deep Cleaning your carpet with a Carpet Cleaner will remove all the dirt and grime that has been trapped in your carpet. It is doubly important since that dust and grime will also make it way into your air and pollute your indoor climate. On this page you can find a guide that will help you find the Best Carpet Cleaner for your needs.

There are lots of research about the impact of your indoor climate on your health. This effect will be stronger on kids, since they are evolving and growing, and they are still very sensitive.

What you need to do also depends on your personal need, if you have a small carpet you might need only to remove the stain with a stain remover and vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

However I would still recommend deep cleaning with a carpet cleaner to get your carpet really clean.

How To Deep Clean with a Carpet Cleaner

How To Find The Best Carpet Cleaner For You

The best way to maintain a Carpets fresh look is by using a Carpet Cleaner to quickly remove the stains as they appear. That way your carpet will look good for a long time and you will keep all the dirt and grime away!

What kind of unit that is best for you entirely depends on your needs. If you have a large carpet you will need a Carpet Shampooer that can handle it. You need a unit with a large tank so that you do not need to go and fill up and empty the tanks all the time.

These carpet cleaners tend to be bigger though and need some storage space.

If you do not have much space available your might want to go with a portable cleaner. Then you can store it easily and use it when you need it fast. These are also lightweight, which means that an older person can easily use them to their full ability.

Another thing you need to think about is if you need to clean stair carpets or upholstery, there are unit available that specialize in that.

What is also nice with the Carpet Cleaners is that they deodorize the carpet, so that it will smell nice for a long time. So you do not need to be ashamed if your friends or your neighbor visits.

If you want to read more tips about cleaning you can visit this blog.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you find my content useful and that you have found a way to deal with the problems you have with your carpet.


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