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How To Make A Stylish and Functional Garden Dining Area

Updated on June 13, 2013

When the weather is nice I love to dine and entrain in my garden. I'm drawn to my little soothing retreat like a fly to honey. I have my coffee, read my paper and even sever dinner all from garden. A beautiful dinning area feels right at home in garden and makes a garden feel more inviting.

When you are looking for the perfect spot for your garden dinning arena look for one that is a bit closed off and intimate to give it that getaway fell. You may not have a huge garden the size of a football field but with some thing and planing even the smallest garden can have the feel you are looking for. I could be as simple as a corner under a tree.

I personally like cool colors in my dinning area blues, whites, and greens make a hot day feel much more comfortable. Grape Hyacinth, Aster, Morning Glory, Blue Hydrangea, Iceberg Rose, and Annabelle Hydrangea can act as your wallpaper to your new dinning area alone or mixed together.

A must for any outdoor dining area in lighting. Lighting above or near you table allows for a enjoyable time well past sundown. A beautiful and easy way to do this is with a metal canopy. On the metal canopy you can hang garden lights of even a chandelier. You can dress canopy up or down to make it fit in your garden theme by growing climbing flowers or fabric for shade or even leaving the plane metal showing.

Another way is to use a shade umbrella and hang lights from it. Depending on the size of space you are waning to create this may be a better choice for you. Either option will also help protract you table from the outside elements.

You will want you use furniture that homey and welcoming to you. It can be homemade wood table and chairs to the more pricey outdoor living furniture what ever you pick make sure that it has that feeling of comfort to you. You can have a bar, a fire pet, just table and chairs. Whatever you heart desires, don't be afraid to get creative.

Decorate your new room with flowers, candles and anything that has personal taste and style. You can use a near by wall of fence to hand art, you table to hold items, or even make some selves. You also add the normal garden decor such as gnomes, frogs and stone. There is no limit, and it dose not half to cost and arm and leg to do.

Just remember you new outdoor dinning room is your retreat, and getaway. Make it as warm and inviting as you like, and enjoy you new space.

I hope this will inspire and aid you as you under go your new outdoor dinning groom good luck, and let me know how it went I would love to see pics

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