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Trundle Beds For Children- Why This Dual Purpose Bed Should Be In Your Home

Updated on February 1, 2015
HEMNES Daybed trundle frame with 3 drawers, white $299.00
HEMNES Daybed trundle frame with 3 drawers, white $299.00 | Source

Trundle Bed: Twin to king size bed

What's The Most Important Furniture In A Child's Bedroom?

Having the best bed for your growing child or guest can be an expensive investment so making sure that you make the right choice for long term use I want to introduce to you the Trundle Bed. For those that have not considered this you may be missing out on a very reasonable options for sleepover or small spaces.

Why Trundle Bed?

The reason I choose trundle beds is because of the many divorced and part time parents in a situation to make space and accommodate visiting loved ones.

Children are very creative and imaginative they can spend hours upon hours living in outer-space,as cowboys, superheroes, or maybe even underwater! You're only a kid once and their bedroom is something they will remember for a lifetime. At the very least they can feel as if they have something very special to sleep on with them in mind.

But now they want sleep overs...A trundle bed is a great addition without taking away from your child's design.

You can take the opportunity to make your child bedroom into a place where fantasies are born and an escape for their friends when they come over for a new adventure. Always keep child safety in mind depending on your child's age.

Your children's bedroom furniture especially the bed set-up has to accommodate your child when they are entertaining guest. I know the first thing that comes to mind is the bunk-bed; but why not a trundle bunk bed?

Children's Trundle Beds

The children's trundle bed is a great addition when space is needed in a room that is made just for your special prince or princess. The bottom has a storage that hides a bed when visitors are over. They come in many styles but give your room a great look when bunk-beds are not your thing.

A trundle bed is an extra bed that can fit under a twin, full, daybed, bunk beds making a third bed or under a loft bunk bed. You can be very creative beyond the norm with these imaginative options.

Creative Bedroom Ideas

Children's Bedroom Idea's

Of course there are many fun things to add when planning the bedroom to make it a very eventful experience. You can buy almost anything with character themes to enhance any bedroom. Of course there are character themed items you can get such as:

  • drapery
  • lighting
  • tents over bed
  • rugs
  • posters
  • clocks

What to Consider Before Choosing Bedding

Children's bedroom furniture is meant to be enjoyable to look at, strong enough for minor abuse, safe for your child, and fun enough for children to enjoy! Consider your child before considering their bedroom furniture. The other things you might want to consider is:

  • guest
  • weight
  • comfort
  • durability

Your child's bed is the most important bedroom piece you will buy you can switch out dressers, chairs,drapes and carpets. But when choosing your children's bedroom furniture you will have it for years to come.

Making a plan for your child or children's bedroom can save you money in the long run. Today we do not have money to change the most needed items in our house for various reasons, this is why what ever choices we make should be made with the future in mind.

Hopefully this hub has inspired you to make some changes or buy your child's bedding more wisely. A bedroom and were they sleep encourages and enables them to concentrate, imagine or rest peacefully.

You want a productive and happy child no matter your income or space. A trundle bed may not be what your child needs but it certainly can be a very special and timely addition with unexpected guest.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 7 years ago

      So true Miss Mellie. Thanks for your comment!

    • Miss Mellie profile image

      M.S. Ross 7 years ago

      These are some good suggestions. There are so many wonderful choices out there nowadays for children's furniture. It's important for kids to have their own spaces, and parents who bring their children in to the furniture selection process communicate to the kids that their input is vital.


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