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How To Make Your Office A Happy Place

Updated on March 15, 2011

Wouldn’t you like to work in a place that is happy?

Wouldn’t you like to look forward to a go to work?

Wouldn’t you enjoy a space that looks after you?

Ricardo Semler in Maverick says how he allowed his factory staff to do whatever they wanted with the visual of the space – colors etc.

Here are some quick Ideas to help you make such a space:

1. Hold a competition

Let everyone do up their offices / back areas/ cubicles in the way the want. Click photographs. Award the most well-done place/set up/ cubicle/ office etc. Make it an annual event to go with a particular time of the season etc.

2. Experiment

Let people move around the furniture. Let them play with the direction of the chairs, the layouts inside the cubicle, or the back office. Why does the cafeteria need to have a white wall, let them play/experiment with colors.

3. Share responsibilities

We do this with shared spaces – we make teams let them “own” a particular area and then compare results. It’s fun, it is shared and it does create both team-spirit and a sense of ownership.

Put up signage that tells people who to contact if something in that space/office/area is not working or needs to be looking into.

4. Provide a budget

Ideally you should let the company pay for the beautification of the area. Let the team know what your budget is and tell them they can use that as they see fit. Decorations, office supplies, better ventilation, lighting etc. Let them decide.

5. Show other offices that inspire

Take your team on a field visit. Let them see some brilliant office designs that they can get inspired from.

Below are some interesting / inspiring office designs

6. Design for privacy and for social interaction

People need to work and meet. It is important that their office achieves this.

7. Of course, the last but not the least. Ensure you use ergonomic furniture and keep the office safe.


Do You Think Your Office Can Be Improved

Do You Think Your Office Can Be Improved

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    • prabhjotbedi profile image

      Prabhjot Bedi 6 years ago from chandigarh

      @andrea :)

    • profile image

      andrea 6 years ago

      can i please have a ball pit at work awesomeness is all i can say