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How To Pack Dishes Properly So They Don't Break In Transit!

Updated on May 14, 2009

Packing Dishes So They Don't Break In Transit

So, you're about to move and moving day is fast approaching. Exciting, isn't it? Or maybe you're a bit nervous.

Perhaps you opted to do your own packing like I do to save money and now you're standing there amidst all your belongings and just thinking of the humongous task at hand. Boxing everything up!

Then you think of all the plates and glasses and other dishes you have. You want these to arrive intact

Maybe you've experienced this as well, but I have had the unfortunate experience of improperly packing dishes to have my plates and some glasses broken on arrival. Some of those were nice too! I still miss them to this day! Ok, maybe not, but you know.

Anyways, this time around, I decided to do a bunch of research on how to pack properly so everything arrives intact and for maximizing space. The moving company I have charges based on the space you occupy and not on the weight. So, if I can pack tightly, think IKEA style, then I will be saving myself money!

Read on and I'll tell you what I now know on how to pack dishes properly so they each arrive all in one piece!

Prepping The Moving Box

Ideally, you'll want to get a dish pack, which is basically a double layered box. It offers a bit more protection for your dishes. But if you are using just regular boxes, make sure you provide double the protection to account for that difference.

Before you begin packing in your dishes, prep the box by laying down one or two sheets of clean packing paper and also line the sides so that the packing paper extends out of the box.

After you are done filling the box, you'll want to take the portion of packing paper that is extending out and bundle up the whole thing and then tape up the box.

You'll want to make sure that you fill the box so that it neither bulges nor sags in the middle.

Packing Bowls Properly

Bowls should be wrapped individually in one or two sheets of packing paper. You can stack them 2 or 3 high at a time and wrap the stack with packing paper to keep it together. You'll want to place them rim down, so upside down in the box.

Layering Between Levels Inside The Box

When you are finished with one layer, you'll want to make it level with packing paper. To make it even more stable, you can use a cut up piece of cardboard to act as a more protective layer.

Packing Cups Properly

Cups need to be wrapped individually in packing paper and placed rim down.

Packing Plates Properly

Plates should be wrapped individually and stacked 3 or 4 together and then bundle wrapped. You'll want to place them on edge inside the box so that they're resting on their sides. You do NOT want to lay them flat.

Doing this lets the dishes absorb more shock and stress without damage.

Do You Have More Handy Dish Packing Tips?

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